Mughal dynasty Dagger/ sword watered steel blade with beautiful Patterns

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These ceremonial decorative items are created by artisans, where the skills of sword making has been tranfered to generations, it’s a integral part of the middle eastern to Indian traditions.

  • Mughals carved hardstones, particularly the various tones of nephrite jade, into hilts that terminated in ibex, gazelles, sheep, camels and, most popularly, horses. Again, there are a number of outstanding examples of all these animals in the collection, from powerful lions and camels to the most delicate deer and sheep.

  • The dagger exemplifies the different elements that gave Mughal art its character. One of the ways that the Mughal emperors continued the traditions of their Timurid forebears was in their appreciation of finely carved jade. The jade stone used for the hilt of this dagger came from Kashgar in present-day Xinjiang, western China.

  • scrolling designs inlaid in gold at the top of the blade, together with the script in which the inscription is written. The carved jade head, meanwhile, represents Europe’s contribution, both for its three-dimensional carving and subject matter.

  • The designs of flowers in the surface of the hilts are sometimes recognisable as individual species, but it is the jade hilts carved into the forms of animal heads that are the most outstanding.

  • heavy sections of gold over an iron core and its scabbard mounts are of solid gold. All the intricately engraved surfaces are set with gems and colored glass finely cut with floral forms

  • Grey

  • Length : 12 in

    Breadth : 8 in

    Height : 3 in

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