Well Managed Warehousing Services

Get 30 days free warehousing and well managed Services for you

Professional Warehousing

Start with our 30 day, risk free warehousing! Our effective fulfillment services provide small businesses the ability to compete!

We streamline your supply chain

Small businesses often lack inventory or suffer from poor inventory management. This can lead to late deliveries and poor customer experience. Don’t let this happen to your business! Our value-added services include a reliable supply chain so you never have to worry and can focus on your customers. Our shared shipping and warehousing model simplify logistics, improves efficiency, cuts cost and thus drives up the value of small business.

Stock Control

Maintain consistent stock levels with timely replenishments and get real time updates on your inventory. Timely fulfillment makes life stress free!

Quality Inspections

Our warehouse quality control protocols can be customized to your professional standards, as per the merchandize and your strict requirements.

Barcode & Delivery Proof

We use a barcode scanning technology for fast, easy and accurate reporting of the movement of your goods

We help small businesses compete and make the global market more equitable

Ruralhandmade is committed to an equitable world where entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive. Vast choice of sustainable products, smart and simplified shipping, affordable warehousing, accessibility and transparent communication with maker communities are the values we provide.

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