Brand Upgrading Service

Small businesses need to evolve with time and constantly upgrade their brand value. The future is sustainable, and so should be the business brands of future.

Small Business 2.0

We partner with and connect small businesses with maker communities who produce and trade sustainable products. Our large collection and the ability to customize any handmade product to your customers needs, helps us make your business stay relevant and future ready!

Brand Promotion

Every handmade product is sustainable and has a story behind it. We help you tell this story to your clients who can proudly buy from you.

Easy Barcoding and Attractive Labeling

Differentiate your products with attractive, distinct labeling. Help your sustainable brand truly stand out from other products on the shelves.

Custom Product Packaging

We add value by helping you design and produce your own custom packaging. Customers love beautiful packaging which promotes sales and brand recognition.

Direct to Business Service

We help small businesses connect directly with the artisans and maker communities. This disintermediation of the supply chain improves transparency and cuts cost for everyone. Handmade sustainability can’t just be a luxury anymore. We are committed to make it affordable!

We help small businesses compete and make the global market more equitable

Ruralhandmade is committed to an equitable world where entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive. Vast choice of sustainable products, smart and simplified shipping, affordable warehousing, accessibility and transparent communication with maker communities are the values we provide.

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