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Rural Handmade is a global platform Headquartered in London, UK offering a convenient, reliable, digitally-enabled platform for connecting producer groups from across the world to connect with small business owners. Think Trade shows becoming online with disintermediation.
World’s largest inventory of sustainable products all handmade by pre-vetted and value driven producer groups. All the product and services are tailor made for Small sized businesses, buyer friendly terms - MOQs, lead times and prices, discovery to delivery. End to end project management for you commissioning needs from multiple vendors. Secure payments. Most affordable and Carbon-sensitive freight and shipping.

An Artisan community is a family of multiple makers, Handmade is a 5000-year-old trade and for many centuries these skills were practiced within the family, its estimated globally 300 Million makers still engage in creating handmade products. Our goal is to empower these communities and connect them to the global consumer market.

Any designer, entrepreneur, charity, retailer or an interior contractor - we can help you commission your design for less. We have a minimalistic approach where you can share the mood diagrams / Images and our team will help you commission the same.

Handicrafts is the most obvious consequence of human expression. We believe that in order to make this world a sustainable place we need to tap into this untapped human capital and harness this freedom of expression to reduce poverty, reduce gender gap, create sustainable cities, all aligned to the UN SDGs (United Nations- sustainable development goals).

Artisan communities for years have been exploited due to lack to communication and barriers. We envision to break these barriers with technology and promote these intrinsic skills to create global products for the sensitive audience.

Yes, every design that we receive we wish to preserve the right and remain transparent with privacy. To ensure this, we sign an non-disclosure agreement and offer end-To-end Product Design Services Including Prototyping, Patent, Design, commissioning and delivery

Globally, handmade sector is the second largest employer in the world but one of the least efficient and lack latest technological innovations. The Handmade sector needs to re-orgnanise and employ latest techniques to gain a major foothold in the industrial world. We need to induct innovative methods and create an inclusive framework to increase working efficiency.

We use all the formats, Ex-Works; FCA (Free Carrier); FOB(Free on board), CFR( Cost of freight), CIF( Cost of insurance and Freight); DAP( CIF+ Local Transportation and Local port charges) ( Ex-factory); DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid)DDP (Delivered Duty Paid).
A proforma invoice is a preliminary copy of the invoice sent to brands and businesses in advance of a shipment or delivery of goods. Pro-forma invoice typically describes the details and cost of purchased items and the estimated freight and estimated customs, duties and taxes. We share the Proforma Invoice, immediately after you place the order
Right now, we only accept PayPal and stripe and Local business transaction.
Basic business details like EORI, VAT, Company registration no and address.
Depending on the mode of transportation, it can take up to 60 days to commission designs and another 4-7 days via air and 30-40 Days via sea.
Discovery and exploration are one of our main objectives. We require producer groups to assign a unique category to each product so that you can browse by areas and values that matter to you. New products and producer groups/ maker communities are added all the time and we’ll feature new, trendy products and best sellers on our home page. You can filter products by category or values at any time.
You can choose producer groups based on raw materials, values and based on the United nations sustainable goals.
Of course! Please write to us at and mention the webpage address or link of the product that you like in your email. We may request you to fill out a Sample Request Form with an indicative order type and size against the sample that you request. Once received, we check the availability of the sample with the supplier and notify you of the sample delivery cost.
Rural Handmade does not offer drop shipping to customers of buyers / retailers. You will be required to provide a valid, physical address to receive the product that you order through the site.
We are a commission only platform, with no upfront or monthly fees. Commission rates are 20% for first orders with a new buyer and 10% for reorders. Excluding VAT. Our model is designed to be accessible and flexible for any ambitious brand who want to create meaningful designs with low MOQs and priced competitively against alternatives such as sales agents which can cost upwards of 50% with an exclusive, long term contract or trade shows which cost thousands with no guarantee of sales.
We do not maintain any stock of products sold on the marketplace. Once an order is placed for your products We work on a zero-inventory model and only produce goods once the order a placed with our producer groups, this helps us remain carbon friendly as a business.
We are tech-driven B2B marketplace, where the focus is transparency and building trust with our partners. We want our partners to win and outcompete big box players on price, value and impact. We also taking a hands-on approach to ensure that products are produced in time and to your specifications with all the quality control processes in hand.
For complex designs 75 Days and for relatively simpler designs we are looking at 60 days.
Most times we work with minimum invoice values or a MOQ of 25 for large products and 200 for smaller products. The idea is to make a business case for a cross border B2B transaction. All the MOQs are mentioned on the product listing.
Once we receive a query, we will send you a Quotation with all required details. After you upload the mood diagram, a seasoned project manager will help you a step by step process of identifying, connecting and executing the production, initially the samples will be made, shipped approved and then the main production will begin. If you confirm the same, we send you a payment link to process your order!
Most of the producer groups use basic technology devices and WhatsApp to upload and share their products, the images are just the representation of products.
Our mission is to become world’s largest indirect employer of the world. Our vision is to focus on technology to disintermediate the sustainability aspect of the supply chain.
Rural Handmade focuses on the most authentic, impactful and legitimate business partner, we partner with completely certified producer groups ranging from fair trade, socially compliant etc. We have our values pre-defined in terms of the impact the groups are creating at the grass root level.
Yes, we can develop custom design from scratch. You can also modify items from an existing design. Of course, specific details are also needed, such as: dimension, materials, finishing and any other details if any.
All the products made, undergo rigorous quality control process and a detailed inspection is carried out at various stages of production. A inspection report will be shared before dispatch of the goods
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