At Hotel Supplies we provide an extensive range of luxurious hotel quality accessories to the hotel and hospitality trade. Our collection includes various sustainable products all handmade. We are also experts at personalising products to your specification, whether it's adding your logo to products or creating a complete range of branded guest and décor products


We provide the most exquisite and special bulk products in the form of bags, stationary and other exhibition related products all sustainable and handmade.


Our Development goals are much more then pay fair wages and fair trade practices, its about empowering the artisans to connect to the global consumer market. 


At never-ending sense of wanderlust and mutual desire to create a high impact to the world we live in, We provide  the most Innovative and data driven products category so you never miss out of the trends.


As corporates are increasingly getting more sensitive towards meeting their CSR objectives we provide the most sustainable and meticulously crafted products that fit the budget and taste of various corporates. 

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