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Trusted Supply chain, costing, communication, commission, QA/QC, country of origin, certifications, inspection report, etc


Fair wages for artisans, skill development and education, health and hygiene, decent living, socio economic, life expectancy, employment generated, housing/living condition, social services, social wellbeing


Carbon footprint, sustainable sourcing, biodiversity conservation, management of natural resources, transport efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and savings, freshwater use, clean energy

Raw Materials

Ethical sourcing, sustainable and organic farming, waste control and disposal, recycling, upcycling.


Lead by example, social initiative, governance, strategic excellence, business, community, civic values, responsibility.

Are you on the sustainable path?

Ruralhandmade's sustainability calculator: What's good for the planet. is good for your customers!

Ruralhandmade has introduced a sustainability model in the handmade industry to uphold standards and promote compliances! We are committed to a better world!

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Product photography

Verity legitimacy of supplier

Arrange samples


Production Monitoring

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Warehousing facility

AI driven inventory management

Shipping discounts

Private label solution

Account management

Product development

Arrange delivery & door via carrier/ sea frieght

Design packaging, label

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