Packing and Detailings

Packaging Materials helpful for multiple packing of goods

Great Packaging Matters!

Beautiful and sometimes delicate handmade products require careful packaging. Sturdy shipment packaging helps mitigate product damage hence minimizing the chances of product return and exchanges. When on display, an attractive packaging literally can sell the product on its own.

Design your own sustainable packaging

Our inhouse designers can help you design your own custom packaging, rendering 3D designs that can help you judge its appeal before you settle on your “eye catching” packaging!

Sustainable Wrapping and Packaging

Attractive packaging provides protection and improves shelf life of a product and is vital for brand presentation and promotion. We work with you to choose the best sustainable packaging for your handmade products.

Loose Fill Materials

Ecofriendly, biodegradable, high quality loose fill material help provide the cushion your valuable products need for safe shipment. This material could be recycled cardboard or paper, organic fibers, agricultural waste such as cornstarch, mushroom packaging or recyclable plastic.

Outer Packing Material

Eco friendly, sustainable export packaging play a vital role in ensuring that your shipment arrives in safe and secure to the warehouse. We ensure sturdy, compliant outer packing to withstand all modes of transportation: air, sea and railroad freight.

Packings List

We ensure a compliant packings list document to be used along the entire supply chain. From the customs broker to the freight forwarder, all use this list to correctly identify and transport the shipment.

We help small businesses compete and make the global market more equitable

Ruralhandmade is committed to an equitable world where entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive. Vast choice of sustainable products, smart and simplified shipping, affordable warehousing, accessibility and transparent communication with maker communities are the values we provide.

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