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How you save ship with a RURAL Handmade marketplace?

We're making Physical Transaction at Micro level and macro level frictionless with 75+ Shipping partners across South east Asia. We're focused on bundling and creating a seamless supply chain from mind to market.

Bundling shipment and Economic Advantage for Small businesses

We democratise the bulk-buying power typically reserved for high-volume importers by handling multiple bundled shipments and pass the heavily discounted rates to small businesses.

E commerce Sellers

Incredible Affordable rates to your fulfilment FBA centres globally

Total visibility and Transparency

Refreshingly easy logistics management with dedicated person for each business, and proactive issue resolution from providers you can trust.

Combining technology and dedicated expertise for service customers love

Effortless documentation, seamless management and communication with service providers, backed by a team of experts.

Small Quantities and Even Smaller shipping Prices

With our nexus of 15,000 communities across Indian subcontinent makers we have the capabilities to offer handcrafted solution, Helping you better manage you're cash flow.

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