Are you involved in the import-export business? If so, we've got a valuable tool for you. we have created a comprehensive Google Sheets tool that delves deep into the essential certifications and compliance procedures necessary for trading with three significant regions: India, Vietnam, Japan, and the European Union. By understanding and adhering to these compliance obligations, your business can streamline import and export processes, mitigate risks, and ensure smooth transactions with these key markets.

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Africa, being world’s second largest and second most populous continent after Asia. It was known as the oldest continent where fossils and human occupation was found. Domestication of cattle's in Africa existed prior to agriculture and hence appeared to coexist with the hunting gathering societies. Handmade products and artifacts were the major work for the African primitive society. According to surveys: Till today, as Agriculture is major to the economies of all African countries, as 70% of Africans rely on it for a living. Its expansion as a sector is critical to boosting wealth, food security, industrialization, intra-African commerce, and Africa's contribution to global trade. Including governments, commercial organizations, Agriculture's relevance and promise in developing sustainable, inclusive economies is recognized. Smallholder farmers improve their lives and see the immediate consequences of growth with ongoing investment. Introduction of technologies have emerged into their planting, harvesting, and storage practices, and many organizations tried to transform those places with it, yet many farmers rely on the primitive sources and continue to rely on traditional methods handed down through generations as there is a strong bond with the land and the nature itself. Whatever the source, the disparity between what farmers have and what they could employ to substantially enhance their lives is constant – but not overwhelming. Along with textiles, handmade products, idols, and cultural artifact's Africa has practical and utilitarian craft. The ‘craft’ is something that includes skills to produce it. Master craftsmen and women held a distinct place in society and were well-liked members of their communities. Expertise and traditional skills were highly valued.

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