Connecting rural artisans to the global consumer market

As lovers of great craft, we love handmade. Handmade provides Eco-friendly, sustainable and generates employment across the world. In addition, the linear economy of consumption and waste is challenged by a new wave of redistributed micro-enterprise, with holistic sustainability, ethical and cutting-edge economic models. Artisanship has been a human-centred economic activity of giving form and meaning to local raw material and converting them into aesthetic and utilitarian product.

“We just make it better.”

Our aim is to provide a convivial future for the artisans. ownership of the means of work.

At Rural Handmade, we partner with small enterprise that have the right skill but lack innovation. We work in partnership and help them come in sync with the consumer trends and buying behavior, eventually supporting them till the critical support point.

We at Rural handmade are defining a few key metrics specific to their own inclusion, economic prosperity, increase in business critical support point skill, and thus achieving key development outcomes..

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Elevate And Innovate Strategic Investments Shaping The Future Of Interior Design


Do you struggle to keep up with the ever-changing world of interior design?

Designing With Purpose - Sustainable Interior Solutions For Modern Living


Conventional interior design practices pose a threat to our environment. It often leads to deforestation and the depletion of natural resources. Traditional materials harm indoor air quality and, possibly, your health. At the same time, conventional lighting and appliances consume too much energy. On top of that, it can harm local biodiversity.

Artisanal Elegance: Elevating Restaurant Interiors With Handcrafted Furniture


In the cutthroat restaurant industry of today, customers are looking for more than simply a good meal. They desire for an engaging encounter that captures the distinct character and ideals of the eatery. The handmade hospitality trend enters the picture here.

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