Jungle Safari Adventure: Handwoven Multicolored Big Jungle Animal Kids' Home Decor Masterpiece,Gentle Giant, Elephant Elegance, Jumbo Joy, Whimsical Wonders, Adorable Pachyderm, Vibrant Elephant Parade, Enchanted Elephant Haven.

Raw Materials :

Price $4.585 - $9.17

200 Pieces (Min. Order)


(Import Duty Applies)

Jungle Safari Adventure: Embark on a wild journey with our handwoven multicolored Big Jungle Animal Kids' Home Decor masterpieces. These creations bring the magic of the jungle into your space, offering a sense of adventure and imagination. Let your children's rooms come alive with the vibrant colors and playful designs of this decor.

  • Majestic Menagerie: Welcome the beauty of the jungle into your living spaces with beautiful handmade fabric yarn wool decor featuring Big Jungle Animals. Each piece is a tribute to nature's majesty, offering a harmonious blend of art and wildlife that adds character to your home.

  • Wild Wonders Unleashed: Unleash your child's imagination with handwoven multicolored Big Jungle Animal Kids' Home Decor Marvels. These creations are an open invitation to explore the boundless wonders of the jungle, sparking curiosity and fostering creativity in young minds.

  • Jungle Playland: Transform your child's room into a playful wonderland with handwoven multicolored Big Jungle Animal Kids' Home Decor Marvels. These creations encourage imaginative play and exploration, turning every day into an exciting jungle adventure.

  • Unique and Inspiring: Elevate your home's interior with decor that tells a story of culture, artistry, and respect for nature. Enchanted Elephant Haven offers one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to inspire conversations and admiration among your guests.

  • Multicolour

  • Length : 4 in

    Breadth : 2 in

    Height : 3 in

Each order is independently inspected and monitored by a third party service providers. Our Service quality partners visit the facilities and follow a established process to check developments and closely monitor progress.

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  • Reduced risk of quality related issues
  • We offer the best in house Quality check
  • Keep up-to-date on production
  • Reduced Risk of delays
  • Mind to market Supply chain engagement
  • Low cost pricing...

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