Attracts Money Fragrance Incense, Prayer Stick

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According to Amara kosha, one of the ancient scripts of India, the world is endowed with Nava Nidhi (nine treasures) and the same are guarded by specific guardian angels. The Supreme has also endowed humans with nine senses which also includes kinesthetic sense also called the memory of the muscle. People are frequently unaware of this priceless gift bestowed on us but rely on it unawares. Let the rich and powerful fragrance of patchouli with a floral note and woody base of Vasu Nidhi Agarbatti help you understand your inner strength and reap the rich benefits of the newly acquired awareness.

  • How to use: Light the tip of the incense stick until it flames. Once the tip is glowing, carefully blow out the flame. Fix into an appropriate holder on a stable and heat resistant surface. Keep away from flammable materials as well as out of reach of children.

  • Incense burning is a time-honoured Indian tradition and revered in Ayurveda for both its aromatic as well as medicinal benefits. In Ayurveda, incense burning is considered an an ideal first step for healing that purifies the air and infuses it with a pleasant fragrance. Havan Incense sticks are handrolled using only the best natural essential oils, roots, herbs and resins. Sweet, spicy and warming, fragrant, Havan imparts a sense of relaxed contemplation.

  • Our State Assam is the highest tea producer and exporter world wide .It has abundance of basic raw materials for incense products from bamboo to natural essential oils are easily available. And this gives us a cutting edge to our competitors operating from other parts of India . Our City Guwahati is the gateway to the entire North Eastern part of India, connected easily by air, road and railways to almost all major sea ports of India .

  • Nava Ayush Fragrances is a manufacturer and exporter of incense products based at Assam , India since the year 2003. We do the branding in the name and style of PANCHA PUSHPA (R) of products line .

  • Black

  • Length : 11 in

    Breadth : 6 in

    Height : 1 in

Each order is independently inspected and monitored by a third party service providers. Our Service quality partners visit the facilities and follow a established process to check developments and closely monitor progress.

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  • Reduced risk of quality related issues
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  • Reduced Risk of delays
  • Mind to market Supply chain engagement
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