sustainable & aesthetic.
carbon conscious & innovative.

A match made in rural handamade.

Making small changes go a long way. This is why all of our designs are ethically and sustainably produced by small communities around the world so that the benefit of our products isn't just from the product itself. With Rural Handmade you are bound to get an amazing range of sustainable and useful products right at your fingertips.

With the mass production of items, it becomes a mundane task to dispose of the excess products creating a negative balance in the ecosystem leaning towards more waste which isn't desirable especially for charities. Rural Handmade uses a lot of recycled materials which with the new generation being more focussed and geared towards products having second life, you can have an even more consumer centric approach!

Want to try a more community driven approach for reusing old products one more time? Try the new selection of alternatives which have been given a second life from various different products through upcycling! This means that there's less waste, and the customers are in for a treat with old yet renewed products!

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