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Rural Handmade is bridge between the maker communities and the global consumer market. We are a United nation’s Sustainable development goal focused company where we are aligned to make this world a better place. We help rural artisan communities connect to the global entrepreneurs and together they build a sustainable brand. At Rural handmade we want to break the barriers of reaching to the global market with the help of technology, design innovation and communication.

An Artisan community is a family of multiple makers, Handmade is a 5000-year-old trade and for many centuries these skills were practiced within the family, its estimated globally 300 Million makers still engage in creating handmade products. Our goal is to empower these communities and connect them to the global consumer market.

Any designer, entrepreneur, charity, retailer or an interior contractor - we can help you commission your design for less. We have a minimalistic approach where you can share the mood diagrams / Images and our team will help you commission the same.

Handicrafts is the most obvious consequence of human expression. We believe that in order to make this world a sustainable place we need to tap into this untapped human capital and harness this freedom of expression to reduce poverty, reduce gender gap, create sustainable cities, all aligned to the UN SDGs (United Nations- sustainable development goals).

Artisan communities for years have been exploited due to lack to communication and barriers. We envision to break these barriers with technology and promote these intrinsic skills to create global products for the sensitive audience.

Every design that we receive we wish to preserve the right and remain transparent with privacy. To ensure this, we sign an non-disclosure agreement and offer end-To-end Product Design Services Including Prototyping, Patent, Design, commissioning and delivery

Globally, handmade sector is the second largest employer in the world but one of the least efficient and lack latest technological innovations. The Handmade sector needs to re-orgnanise and employ latest techniques to gain a major foothold in the industrial world. We need to induct innovative methods and create an inclusive framework to increase working efficiency.

Ask in the Forums.

Join the conversation! We think you would love our community and it's a great place to find Furniture announcements or general help.

Ask in the Forums.

Join the conversation! We think you would love our community and it's a great place to find Furniture announcements or general help.

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