sustainable & aesthetic.
carbon conscious & innovative.

A match made in rural handamade.

Making small changes go a long way. With Rural Handmade you get the least waste possible as we optimise the production process to ensure you get high quality products without compromising your morals. You are bound to get an amazing range of sustainable and useful products right at your fingertips.

With the accumulation of a tonne of items, it becomes inevitable that there will be waste. With the new generation more focussed and geared towards products having a second life, Rural Handmade's process of upcycling combined with recycled materials from other products ensures a sustainable and ethical production process.

Durable and long lasting products are becoming more and more important. This is because people would rather purchase something that would last a long time which is quite a normal desire. Here at Rural Handmade we repurpose recycled synthetic materials to ensure a durable, long lasting life for our products.

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