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Some waste is inevitable in some cases, for example heat loss from a house. There are too many ways for heat to escape that are necessary such as through the front door or a window. But there are some methods to stop this, for windows curtains made from natural materials are not only renewable and sustainable but can also keep both hot and cold air outside acting as an excellent energy efficient medium.

In the pursuit of utilising natural materials we tend to forget their expiration rate. We must therefore use them responsibly and judiciously. Renewable materials are easily replenished in nature and can therefore be used in more quantities and more responsibly. Which is why Rural Handmade aims to use materials like this such as bamboo, cotton or wool in our products.

Switching to synthetic reformed materials can curb down the existing load on natural resources. This way you can give recycled products a renewed life and a more interesting use. This is why Rural Handmade recycles so relentlessly, to ensure we keep waste to a minimum in the production process.

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