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5 Top Sustainable Homeware Categories To Consider When Buying Wholesale For Your Store (2022)

Oct 12, 2021 | Sabina M Abul

Here I will be discussing about the 5 Top Sustainable Homeware Categories To Consider When Buying Wholesale For Your Store!

As the cold season is approaching along with the end of the year, it is now the time for you to start stocking up to prepare yourself for the year ahead. 

According to the Bank of England, a typical household spends on average about £740 more in December than other months of the year. And we know that more consumer spending means more profits being made by businesses. 

But what products can you consider for your wholesale buying right now?

After doing some research on different sources such as the 2021 IKEA catalogue, the Ideal Home and the Livingetc blogs, I have here gathered homeware items that you should definitely consider when wholesale shopping for the upcoming year. 

So here are top sustainable homeware wholesale items you need to stock up for 2022:

Note: As we know that conscious consumerism is on the rise, as the new generation is more and more concerned about climate change, we will only consider sustainable, handmade and eco-friendly items here!

  1. Eco-friendly furniture

Furniture is something people buy throughout the year, however as seen on Google trends’ data for the past 5 years, there are always peaks between March to May and at the end of the year. 

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This shows that this is the right time for you to stock up and decide what designs to include in your store. 

Here are a few of the popular ones you should consider:

Mid-Century modern tables


A picture containing indoor, table

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Aluminium Side Table                    Tripod coffee table


These are both mid-century modern tables. These designs never get old. 


On the right-hand side, we have a round aluminium table which is currently trending. The gold part at the bottom is made of metal and it gives it a more modern and unique look. 


This table can be put in living rooms as a coffee table or in bedrooms as nightstands. 


On the left-hand side we have a modern coffee table. The glass top along with its tripod feature are what makes it look elegant.


Bamboo Furniture 


There are plenty of reasons why you should opt for including bamboo furniture items in your wholesale buying list. 


Not only do bamboo plants grow fast, but they are also flexible and sturdy and don’t need fertilisers and pesticides, which overall make them an eco-friendly option. 


In 2021, no matter what furniture brochures you browse through, you will find at least one item made of bamboo in it because of its popularity and characteristics. 


Here are some bamboo items you should consider:


A table and chairs in a room

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Bamboo Patio Chair                       Bamboo Tea Table Set


On the left-hand side, we see beautifully designed bamboo chairs which could be great for outdoor and indoor spaces like gardens and living rooms. 


On the right we have a bamboo tea table set. These chairs and the table are handcrafted, and they give a combination of both modern and traditional look. The bamboo used isvery sturdy and durable. 


Alternate seating options


People have also started to choose alternate seating options for their living rooms. 


These include stools or bean bags. 


Here are a few sustainable alternatives to choose from:


A picture containing furniture, seat, stool, chair

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Designer wooden stool                   Comfy Bean Bag


The designer wooden stool shown here could be made with Acacia wood, Mango wood, or Sheesham wood. The design is really modern, and it could be put in living rooms and hallways. 


On the other side we have a bean bag made of cotton seeds. Inside it’s filled with small beads that promote airflow, making the bean bag really comfy as it conforms to the shape of the body.


Dark wood furniture


Dark wood furniture has slowly started to get attention. 

It is a furniture type that goes well with almost all other colours which provides customers with a greater flexibility. 

It also enhances rooms and is able to create beautiful contrasts within the house. 

A few options are here:

A wooden cabinet with drawers

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Dark mango large bookcase             Dark brown plasma cabinet

Bookcases never get old and are always a very interesting part of someone’s room. When it comes to bookcases people go for either of the following options: plain white, black or wood brown. 


Dark wood bookcases can go well with a variety of wall colours and other furniture tones. 


Though some people prefer to wall mount their TV, there are always going to be people who prefer to put it on a cabinet. 


Given the rise in popularity of dark wood furniture, the plasma cabinet above is a must have item in your store!

  1. ‘Work from home’ items

The Pandemic has led to more people having to work from home and although things are starting to slowly get back to ‘normal’, a lot of companies are planning on keeping remote working measures. 

As a result, a lot of people have been searching for office furniture items such as desks, chairs, filing cabinets, storage cabinets and other accessories. 

As remote working is expected to continue where it is possible, the demand for these is not expected to decrease any time soon. 

Below are some of the items you could consider stocking up:

A desk with a computer on it

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Writing Laptop Desk                           Wooden frame office chair


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                                         Wooden File Cabinet


The desk and file cabinet shown above are both made of teak wood and are hence both really sturdy and long lasting. 

They are suitable for study or work-related purposes, and they will definitely add a mid-century modern look for customers that purchase them. 

On the other hand, the office chair is made of leather, veneers, solid wood and engineered wood. It is very comfy and looks really elegant.

  1. Making home your new ‘outside’

As people have been staying more at home, they are trying to use their inspiration to ensure that staying at home doesn’t feel like staying at home. 

This has been done by trying to include more nature within rooms by including plants in creative ways. 

Some related accessories you could stock up are:

  A vase with white flowers

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        Modern Indoor Plant Holder                 Metal Flowerpot



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                          Flower Pot Stand


These are just a few of the designs you could consider stocking up. 

This is because people could have varied themes, they would want these to match with. 

They are all made of durable materials such as iron or metal and they are very different in terms of design. 


  1. Textured Rugs

Textured rugs made with materials such as jute and shag are now getting back to popularity. 

This comes as people are trying to change the looks of their rooms by adding a bit of colour and life through the use of rugs made of these fabrics. 

A picture containing text, manhole cover

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Hand woven jute rug                     Shag Area Rugs


The Jute rug shown here compliments a bohemian, modern and contemporary style for your living rooms and bedrooms. 

The transitional patterns and colours match any other décor that is already available in the room. 

The shag fabric rug on the other hand, gives a more contemporary Moroccan-inspired look which provides a very soft feel. 

The materials used are wool and polypropylene fibres which don’t shed. 


  1. Light up the rooms with these designs

As the winter has finally approached and as the days are getting shorter, lighting will be essential as we will be spending more time indoors. 

You can thus expect people to be buying them, especially at the end of the year as we can see that there are peak in searches in December and November:

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Here are a few designs we recommend you to stock up when wholesale shopping for your store:


 A picture containing indoor, wall

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 Macrame Ceiling Light                    Bamboo Ceiling Lighting


On the left we see a handwoven macrame ceiling light made with natural cotton and a steel ring. 

This is perfect to hang and accent any room to give a bohemian touch up wherever you choose to place it. It is also possible to just hang it without lights just to give the room a warm and soft atmosphere.

On the right it’s a handmade bamboo ceiling pendant light. 

It has a very natural colour which matches really well with tropical, coastal and nautical themed rooms. 

This is suitable for multiple occasions, living rooms, restaurant hotels etc. 


These were, thus, the top items we would advise you to have in your wholesale buying list for now and the year ahead. 

You can find more designs to get inspired on our page here

Alternatively, if you would like to design your own items, then contact us here and we can help you with that too! 

In the meantime, why don’t you check out this insightful blog about how to find trending items to sell on your store.

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