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What Accessories Will Be Popular In 2022?

Mar 19, 2022 | Namami Sharma

The New Wave in Fashion Accessories As online meetings emerged as the mainstream means of formal communication in the past two years, focusing on waist-up dressing has been a significant task for everyone, including the designers. This trend hinted at them putting fashion accessories, especially earrings and necklaces, in the spotlight. But the gradual change has created a new wave of mood-boosting colors, decorative motifs, and explicit materials combined to take high-summer collections in a joyful and nostalgia-inducing psychedelic direction.

Watch out for some of the latest trends around the globe influenced heavily by Care Culture, NatureServe, Creative Reset for Autumn/Winter, and Punk Academia, Retro, and Psychedelic for Spring/Summer. 

Spring 2022 is a season of bodycon for apparel and some types of jewelry. Body chains adorned bare midriffs and threaded through cutouts and under corsets, while armbands drawing attention to the biceps could be seen on the rise. 

Necklaces are sometimes layered but mostly piled-up involving rings and stacks of bangles, often in rainbow-bright colors. Simultaneously, both hoop earrings and chokers grew into enormous proportions, and chainlinks for women and men have blown up too. The use of natural materials—wood, shells, stone—stood in direct contrast to the glitzy 1980s-style sets that can be seen here and there.

Image courtesy of GoRunway

What matters the most in this new wave of jewelry is how one can elevate the whole look by adding a statement piece complimenting the chosen theme with a touch of personalization. 

As we spend more time online, the digital world will become increasingly important, and color will have a significant role in driving retail sales. Introduce mood-boosting palettes, focusing on escapist colors that will stand out onscreen. 

Jewelry designers have offered many variations on the theme of Psychedelic; creating the following potential products according to the trend influenced designs:

                                                    Summary of the Fashion Accessories 2022 

  • Statement earring: The key is to open the range to crystals like Rivoli rhinestones with AB coatings, iridescent surfaces, and responsibly sourced gemstones with glow-in-the-dark properties.

  • Beaded necklace: Beaded layers are an essential update for neckwear, responding to the rise in kitsch jewelry set to dominate post-pandemic collections. Playful, childlike pieces evoking nostalgia for the 90s and early noughties while aligning with the theme of Joyful Expression. Include mushrooms, yin-yang symbols, flowers, shells, and butterflies for motif inspiration for creating intriguing designs for necklaces. 

  • Beaded stack: Reviving wristwear categories and the beaded necklace resulted in the rise of this jewelry. Look to the similar motifs mentioned above for inspiration to create beaded bracelets. Contrasting scales and mixed materials, including glass beadscolored pearls, and healing stones, also define this look perfectly.
  • Psychedelic ring: The driving forces for the conception of new rings have compelled designers to focus on transformative stones with hypnotic and psychedelic surfaces, including Mexican fire opal, a collection focusing on stones with exciting cuts, shapes, finishes, and colors that stand out onscreen. 

                                                                    Image Courtesy of withhoneyplease

There is a charm in the simplest jeweled headbands, which provides a charming look and feel to the outfit.  

The optimistic feel of spending more time outdoors and at #IRL (IN REAL LIFE) events has been reflected across the catwalks 2022, adding a novelty twist to soft accessories with vibrant prints, occasional embellishments, and protective qualities. Balance the demand for protective and #novelty design through seasonal patterns and colors. Update with a wide brim, adjustable straps, and waterproof materials. 

As consumers favor a more flexible work leisure lifestyle, core accessories such as the leather belt and printed scarf will be essential to update #businesscasual looks. Bring newness through embossed textures or woven leathers and modular accessories. Opt for neutral tones and luxurious browns to ensure long-term appeal. Consider seasonal print drops for scarves to avoid over-saturation of any sort.

Unsurprisingly, the following were the categories designers focused on for Soft Accessories 2022: 

                                                                   Soft Accessories 2022

  • The bucket hat: The versatile and practical nature of the bucket hat holds onto its must-have status. Look out for a wide protective brim, Garden party matching sets, Joyful colors, Summer prints, and Heritage logos.

  • The elbow glove: Making an unexpected comeback in S/S, elbow glove is an excellent example of how the world is moving towards more seasonless purchasing habits and blurring lines between cold and warm-weather items offering perfect opportunities for this product. This color has been a catwalk favorite for a couple of seasons now. This elegant design can be styled with the optimistic and retro looks of the #garden party and #letparty trends. These ideas are also sneaking into Jewellerification details, Bold florals, Matching sets, Protective performance, and Modular pockets for conveying the retro concept in soft accessories.

  • The decorative belt: Nodding to the continuous interest in Newstalgia and the festive feeling of the #letsparty trend, the decorative statement belt is a critical resurgence. Enhance its trend-led aesthetic with key motifs, such as the butterfly belt at Blumarine. Opting for a more layered look, which was noted recently at Chanel, would be a suitable way to create a trendy look for this product.

                                                                  Decorative bet image courtesy Blumarine 

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