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Trend Forecast For The Handmade Industry 2023

Jan 29, 2023 | Vaidehi M

Why Handmade in 2023? Handmade is the very idea of creating something unique, which involves the intensity of the handsewn, handcrafted or even hand finished, creating a market revolutionising the principles of both subsistence, and substance. The products one purchases today should have stories to pass on, and messages to deliver, for at least, as long as the shelf life of the product remains.

Every handmade product in the hands of a crafter, or an artist, contributes to a versatile range of strengths. Hence leading to the products narrating it’s own tale, from the very making, up until the last use.

Because what goes into the production of these handmade products is not just the raw material, or the labour, but also the  immense hand-eye coordination and years of patience to achieve precision. One cannot simply look away from the soul beauty involved in creating something with hands instead of machines or what we call the ‘mill-made’, which is usually manufactured within minutes. Contrary to which handmade brings with it, years of passion, and sometimes generations of skills.

Handmade not only gives chances to finding beauty in imperfection, but also sings gracefully about the heart and soul of the product, made step by step.

Therefore this is no surprise as to how quickly, and effectively the market of handmade is growing, into a gigantic storm of  selling and buying, when done with an immersive thought! 

From Luxury to Flea everyone is catching up on the notions of handcrafted. The makers, materials and masters are catching up with it and here is how?

Key Growth Sectors- 2023


1)Poetry of Textile

Bringing back the old day charm of handwritten letters to create a handmade reference onto the warp and weft, with playful colours, that adopt the vintage, nautical as well as handcrafted details.

 Ref: “Howl”, Debbie Talanin          Ref: “Memory Skirt- Yash Patil @that.antiquepiece”

2) Handmade In Abstract



3) Handmade, Menswear and cold Minimalism

This trend in the upcoming days talks about the mix of sophisticated approach to craft, where minimal menswear silhouettes are given a crafty edge, when done with precision of placement and technique. Mixing hand knitted details, 3-D embroidered fruits and flowers, and applique are just the tip of the iceberg.

Ref: PERTE D’EGO                                                       Ref:@harago                                                                 Ref:@harago 

4) Back to basics with Needle

Embroideries have always been a part of textile enhancement, seeing a great deal of influx with the olden and golden stitches like fishbone, blanket stitch, and the OG running stitches in both apparel of Home furnishings, these little details have made it back into 2023 and are here to stay, with manipulation of shaped, and applique infused.

Ref:                   Ref: Wild Spirit Design Studio


5) Watercolour Planet

Ref:            Ref:                              

6) Back To Botanical Business


7) Stamps and Sponges


8)Unfinished business of Fibres



1) The Crooked Handmade

From the peripheries of Scandinavian aesthetic. 

2)Fathom the Charcoal

3) Ceramic and Impressions

4) Untidy Edges of Tera (Terracotta)

5) Hand Painted Farmer’s Pick

The coming of the cooler months, Autumn/winter 23/24 will be witnessing a classic citrus feel, a hand painted lemon motif in all likelihood would be translated better on the cutleries and ceramic base for the inviting holiday season, a reminiscent of a trip to the farmers market, or a childhood of picking up fruits and vegetables from the local produce.

Similarly as seen in the past three years, Mushrooms would still create a buzz, as an easy pick, creating a generic appeal in the motifs.



Packaging being the forefront of attracting consumers, has become a pioneer in assessing the status of the product wrapped within. 

With Net-zero necessity, to Organic materiality, where supplies like paper, bamboo, textiles and other organic fibres have become a crucial part of packaging, it is inevitable to point out at the growth of hand done efforts and thus flooding the industry. Also the handmade packaging comes with an embedded personality into each boxing or unboxing experience which delivers the right message to an audience who lives for authenticity in an unfortunate inflammation of tin foil or saran wraps.

Seed Infused Labelling to Encourage Home Gardening



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