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Top 5 Charities To Support During This Festive Season

Dec 25, 2021 | Angelo Echave

With Christmas and New Year around the corner, it is a great time to share more of your caring nature with everyone. Not only to your friends and family but to others who are in need. In light of the current situation with COVID and Omicron, it should not affect our festive moods and our need to have a better time in the new year. At Rural Handmade, we find that supporting charities is a step to help those heavily affected by world events. However, where do we begin with charities? We would like to share our top 5 picks of charities you could support during this festive season.

    1) Save the Children

Save the children is a very well-known charity that aims to support children in many different conditions. Conditions such as poverty, no access to education or the medical attention they require. These three conditions are the charity’s main themes.

Like the charm of Christmas, Save the Children has been providing gifts and showing care consistently to children from all over the world. As simple as £1 can provide 6 malnutrition food sachets and 1 midwives’ birth kit. You can see it yourself on their donation page.

Aside from donating money, you can also donate unused clothes or items. In many shopping centres, you may have seen charity retail shops that sell donated goods. This is another option to help you clean up your storage before the new year and know that your undesirable item can help others.

If you are still looking for a Christmas gift or thinking of trying something different, we recommend checking charity retail shops. Not only will you find hidden gems at relatively lower prices, but you can also be ensured that the money you spent will be used to help a child reach their full potential.

While it is the festive season for sharing gifts and enjoying our good fortunes, there are still those who are suffering from hunger. This is where The Felix Project comes to our minds for helping those still not able to feed themselves. 

As Christmas approaches, many friends and families have plans to eat a massive feast, like a roosted, chicken in celebration. However, with omicron sticking around, many individuals might be stuck having dinner alone or no meal at all. 

This is something that Felix Project is highly aware of and aim to reveal these individuals’ reliance on food banks. As they phrase it, “One in three Londoners will use a food bank this Christmas.”

By using Felix’s Kitchen, they will be able to provide freshly made meals to other charities and schools.

Just like Save the Children, The Felix Projects’ donation page also reveals what your donations are capable of achieving. From £50, The Felix project is capable of delivering food for 305 meals. So the next time you have a meal of your own, just remember that you also helped someone else have a meal too.

    3) Hope and Homes for Children

Similar to Save the children, Hope and Homes for Children focus on supporting families and children in their life. In their mission, they want children to not separate from their parents and to not suffer from institutional care.

We find that Christmas is a spirit of family and care. Hope and Homes for Children is a charity that evokes this feeling in everyday activities and achievements. You can view many of their achievements and families they have supported on their blog page

There is nothing special but seeing a child waking up in a festive mood and celebrating with those they are close with and feeling the security of their parent’s care. 

With Rural Handmade, we hope to support hope and homes for children by showing more awareness of their goals with our handicrafts. Let’s make sure children are experiencing the right kind of festive cheers.

If you are interested in perseverance and care for Nature and Wildlife, we would recommend donating to National Trust. Just like Rural Handmade, the National Trust aims to preserve the longevity of history, nature and culture for future generations.

Unlike the previous charities we have recommended, the National Trust allows visitors to their conservation sites for quiet retreats or part-taking in events such as their Christmas lights and winter illuminations. 

It’s a great feeling to donate to the National Trust and witness the growth in care and acts of preservation for their cause. Most countries place a focus on reducing carbon dioxide admissions, and here is a charity that works towards that goal as well.

As we have mentioned, for Rural Handmade, we share a similar interest with the National Trust. We aim to support local communities in developing countries to expand their scope to trade their unique culture and handicrafts to western businesses and charities.

So if you are considering spending some time away from the city or would like to help preserve nature, donate or visit the sites of the National Trust.

Last but not least, we would recommend UNICEF. To stop ourselves from sounding like a broken record, we want to quickly say that UNICEF is fairly similar to Save the Children.

So, we want to go straight to why we recommend UNICEF. To put it simply, Christmas is around the corner and they have a lovely website to shop case their appreciation to those who help in their case.

If you want to see or select a particular action you want your donation to achieve, UNICEF’s inspired gifts are a great option for you. In the spirit of Christmas, you can picture these wonderful gifts like a present you would give to a loved one. In a sense, you are like Santa Claus travelling across the world to help children in need.

Maybe you want a sense of return from your donation. If so, check our UNICEF’s market site. Similar to Rural Handmade, buying these items will not only give you a memento for supporting the charity but also the assurance that the money you have spent will go out and help another.


Whichever charity you choose to support this festive season, let it be known that you are helping another person during their hardship. Small yet simple donations could mean a lot to those in need.

So look through your wardrobe or cabinets and look for items that you do not use anymore. Charities are very capable of finding a way to reuse unused items to help achieve their particular goals.

It is quite the same as with Rural Handmade. Just like charities, we aim to support creative manufacturers through their hardships with COVID and help them find their way to new clients that appreciate their work. 

Soon, we aim to support charities with our handicrafts and give more appreciation to those helping and those in need.

If you would like to hear more about artisans in developing countries or how we could use handicrafts to support charities, come visit our website and have a chat with us. 

Contact us at

This may be a festive season where COVID is impacting us greatly once again, but it is also a time for us to reach our hand out and help others too. Quite simply, charity is one step toward a greater goal.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on your charity of choice for this season.

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