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Apr 01, 2021 | Sanshita Vij

First off, it great to restore our somewhat lost mental peace and is a step towards better mental health. Human lives are indubitably built on connections and the pandemic has hit that to its very core. The very obvious consequence is slipping into some sort of darker place. The silver lining here is that when we have lost our touch with the outside, it is the best time to rekindle the connection we have with ourselves, and what better than spending some quality me-time and creating beautiful things in the process.

Handmade Hobbies Home -1

Fig:1 Handmade and why it matters ?

The second greatest advantage is that you don't have to have much of outside resources for handmade creations, since most of the things required can be found in your own homes. And to top that, in the process of recycling, we are doing our bit to preserve the environment. 

There are infinite ways to get creative with DIY craft and make it as personalised as possible, so that these little pieces speak for what you are, and what you stand for. 

TLDR; The benefits of taking up a handmade hobby up? Mental health- Check! Eco- friendly- Check! Quarantine-friendly- Check! 

Handmade Hobbies -2

Fig:2 Hobby is a positive habit and spreads comfort. 

Without wasting anymore time, here's all the hobbies you can start, or restart, with: 

1. Knitting and Sewing

The intricate world of knitting presents vast possibilities. You can knit anything from a pair of socks, sweaters, cardigans, scarves to bags. Similarly, with knitting, you can design your accessories and clothes in various colours and patterns. The joy that comes from wearing what you make yourself is unmatchable. The art is tough to master, but highly rewarding, and it always helps to start small. 

Level of difficulty: Medium 

2. Pottery 

Now, pottery at home may seem tricky, but there are many ways to go about it. You may use store-bought clay, or even procure it. Natural clay is found in many places such as stream banks, construction sites, in the type of soil that gets slippery after rain, and starts to get sticky as it dries (even in the topsoil of your very own garden!). Many online resources can be found on how to treat the clay at home, and how to mould it into almost anything you want- pots, jugs, or other pieces of art. It is even possible to use your own oven to make these crafts usable. 

Level of difficulty: Hard 

3. Paper Cards 

Studies show that most people know at least 10-25 people closely enough to trust them. Guess what this means? Someone’s birthday is always around the corner, and there is no better way to show someone you love and care about how much they mean to you than a card which shows your personal efforts. The great thing about paper cards is that you may 

go very creative with pop-ups, quirky messages and so many other designs- and this is a relatively easier craft, with high utility.

Level of difficulty: Easy 

4. Papier Mache Crafts 

Paper Mache is a clay-like substance made with paper (great way to recycle paper!) and adhesive, which can be moulded into almost anything. You do not to look very far away, just grab your daily newspaper and glue or starch, bunch of paints and patience- and you are all set! You may make little showpieces such as little animals, creatures, artsy bowls, and so many other possible things. 

Level of difficulty: Medium 

5. Recycled Tin 

This is another great way to use your wastes and make the best out of them. Now, tin is one of the tougher substances to deal with, so make sure you are careful. Starting with something as easy as tin can telephones, to lamps, earrings, and other jewellery. Tin presents many opportunities if you are ready to grab them! 

Level of difficulty: Hard 

6. Button Crafts 

Got old buttons at your place with no particular use for them? Buttons may not seem like they could be used much out of t-shirts but they can actually be used for a lot of other stuff including jewellery- earrings, bracelets and necklaces, photo frames, idea boards, parts of another crafty decorations. These are also relatively easier to find and use. 

Level of difficulty: Medium 

7. Innovative Flowerpots 

Now, this is one of those handmade hobbies that present not one but two hobbies in itself. The flowerpot can be made of practically anything, tin cans, old bowls, made through pottery, used plastic bottles, and can even be woven. Along with this, you may even manifest the very healthy habit of gardening, which is proven to boost mental health, happiness and positivity. The same concept of flowerpots can be applied to make pen holder, cutlery holders, toothbrush stand, and other similar things. 

Level of difficulty: Medium 

8. Flower Jewellery 

This is also a sort of two-in-one hobby. You may already have a home garden or may know the ones around. Spend time in your garden picking beautiful flowers that may help you make an array of flower jewellery such as earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and headbands. This gives a fresh feeling to your eyes and skin while looking colourful, beautiful and simple. 

Level of difficulty: Medium 

9. Wall Decorations 

The world of DIY wall décor is practically infinite where you can make paintings and crafts, with thoughtful messages or a series of photographs, thrown in with a bunch of fairly lights. It is highly satisfying to see something very personal on your walls and in your heads every day. You may even get creative with wall hangings and wind chimes all made at home. 

Level of difficulty: Medium 

10. Origami 

For the last idea, here is one of the easiest and most gorgeous crafts, which has a lot of nostalgia attached for a lot of us. You may easily find tutorials and it is simply wonderful to see what a simple square piece of paper can become with a few folds. This is one of those crafts, where you may start easy and go in potentially any direction. 

Level of difficulty: Easy 

Other than these, you may try your hand at quilling, hand lettering, painting, and fabric arts. There are tons of ideas waiting to be explored, made, and loved by you. And you would be surprised to find how many tutorial videos and blogs there are at your disposal to make you self-taught in these crafts. You may even find a lot of materials at your place itself that can be used in so many innovative and creative ways. 

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