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Handmade Gifts Ideas For Different Occasions & Recipients

Feb 16, 2023 | Akshay Maharkhede

A DIY gift is a thoughtful way to show your family and friends how much they mean to you. Every handmade gift is unique and custom-made, making it one of a kind. If you have free time and feel skilled, you can do needlework. It will take time & hard work but imagine the recipient's reaction. The materials used to make handicrafts are usually expensive. Because artisans don't buy cheap materials to make them. For it, they buy natural raw materials, vegetable dyes, and the highest quality ingredients. It is always a good option to buy a handmade gift rather than buying a store-bought gift & it can actually make the gift very unique of its kind giving an edge over store-bought gifts

How do you make easy homemade gifts?

Well, handmade gifts take time & hard work, and not every handmade product you can easily at home but there are certain creative skills by which you can make some unique handmade & creative gifts such as braiding, hand embroidery, acrylic painting, origami, basic cardboard weaving, basic crochet work & many more. You can make Pop-up cards, braided bracelets, handpainted jeans, embroidered clothes, etc by just learning those skills.

Are handmade gifts thoughtful?

A handmade gift is actually a thoughtful idea to make a personalized gift for your loved ones to show them how much they mean to you. It may take time & effort but just imagine their reaction to the gift, because no one can actually understand what type of gift your receivers are expecting better than you. So being able to create those gifts by yourself is always a plus point. Even if you can't make it on your own you can easily buy these gifts from Etsy and even you can request personalization according to receivers.  

Why are homemade gifts so special & Why they are so expensive?

A handmade gift instead of a store-bought gift makes someone special & handmade items are expensive for a very important reason. It takes more time & effort to make them. Every single handmade product is unique & you can't replicate the same product with accuracy so it will be the one & only unique & different product of its type.

There are various handmade techniques & products associated with it are there in the market. It is very easy to find these unique products on Etsy, We have listed a few handmade & unique gift ideas for various occasions. 

Handmade gift ideas

Braided bracelets

On many occasions like friendship day rather than using casual friendship bands A cool version of the friendship handmade braided bracelets can be special & more authentic, gift this braided bracelet to your loved one.

Adjustable Hand-Knotted Hippie Friendship Bracelet              Rapture Woven Bracelet, Handmade bracelet

Occasions: Friendship day, couples


One of the things that make gifts amazing is their unpredictability. So, if you really want to surprise that special woman in your life, it's best to think through it. A headband can be a completely unexpected gift.

Vintage Boho Hair Accessories For Girls, Cute Embroidery Hairband

Occasions: Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, New Year's Day, Birthday

Scarfs from recycled t-shirts:

Recycling is in trend nowadays, Using basic fabric manipulation techniques we can turn our old t-shirts into very beautiful scarfs. It can be a good fit for someone who loves to buy unique clothes.

Handwoven scarf/wrap shawl in Saori style       Recycled T-shirt Scarf

Occasions: suitable for any occasion.

Tote bags: Be it handpainted or printed or just natural & abstract artwork, tote bags will be always an excellent gift option for gifting to women.


Crochet Bag, Crochet Purse                                           floral tote bag

Occasions: suitable gift for females for any occasion

Reused glass jar lanterns: Reusing glass bottles to create unique handmade lanterns could be an excellent idea not only lantern you can create a flower pot out of it.

Decoration Room Lantern Boho Decor                                     Hanging lantern Frosted Mason Jar glass 

Occasions: Christmas, valentine, Anniversary, mothers day, etc.

Handmade wall hangings: In modern days different independent artists are coming up with cool handmade hangings with various techniques such as weaving, braiding, and crochet with the addition of extra tassels. It could be a great suggestion for a gift for someone who is shifting to a new home or is newly married.

macrame feather wall hanging                                Tapestry Home Decor Cotton Tassel

Occasions: Diwali, Christmas, new year, or any other occasion, etc.

Hand-painted numeral clock: Customised Handpainted clocks are also in trend, you must have seen these on Instagram many artists are exploring this differently. 

Painted Glass Artwork, Wave clock, Unique Art                          Hand painted round wall clock

Occasions: an anniversary, housewarming, birthday, or any other significant milestone, etc.

Crochet products: The art of crochet is surprisingly very unique & time taking, but it's one of the best gifting options in winter specifically at Christmas.

Crochet toys Baby Cake Bunny Pattern                              Crochet Pattern, Granny Hexagon Cardigan

Occasions: Birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Wedding showers, Baby showers, Anniversaries, etc.

Handwoven or knitted scarfs & mufflers: Personalised scarfs & mufflers are very signature options & can be customized with cardboard weaving or basic knitting. 

Handwoven Scarf Handspun                 Granny Square Scarf, Crochet Retro Scarf

Occasions: Birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Wedding showers, Baby showers, Anniversaries, etc.

DIY coasters: 

A Handmade coaster is always a great choice. Whether you're looking for a birthday gift, a holiday gift, or a thoughtful way to think of someone else.

Knitted handmade Coasters                                                   Recycled Newspaper Coaster Set

Occasions: It goes well with any occasion, such as birthday gifts and holiday gifts, etc.

Handmade keychains:

A keychain is a precious gift with a very personal and sentimental value to the recipient. individual keychain because it is handmade, there may be slight differences in design and color. It can be a good gift for your friends, family, and children.

Beaded Keychain, Handmade keychains                        handmade keychain, tailor-made gifts for any occasion

Occasions: It goes well with Birthday or Anniversary or Valentine's Day or Mother's Day or Raki or Father's Day or Diwali etc.

DIY plant holders:

A plant holder specifically a macrame tree planter makes a great gift for housewarming, weddings, and any occasion. Save shelf space and decorate any interior or exterior space. Hanging it on the wall will save you a lot of trouble. 


Crochet Pattern Wall Mounted Plant Holder      Macrame Wall Hanging PDF pattern

Occasions: There are many ways to gift a plant, but first and foremost it is to wish someone good luck and tell someone you care. Give your friends green friends to express their feelings.

Candle holders: Any type of handmade candle holder can be a great home decor gift for a valentine or for someone who is newly married, various handmade candle holders with different materials are there in the market.   

Natural crystal candle holder                                            Handmade Candle Holder for home decor

Occasions: Christmas, Birthday, and other family holidays, valentine, honeymoon, etc.

Paper & Origami jewelry:

In Japan, people exchanged paper Origami with each other as a symbol of honor and loyalty. Origami jewelry is an excellent gift option for women who loves cute gifts & surprises and also for someone who has fond of collecting different jewelry items.

Origami earring Tsuru                                                           Multicolored paper earrings, Sustainable jewelry

Occasions: Jewelry can be gifted on any occasion.

Personalized bookmarks:

A Handmade bookmark is a great gift for someone who has fond of reading and is a book lover. A bookmark can be a quick & cute thank-you gift & it’s a great inexpensive gift but it can make a great impact on someone you want to impress.

There are different DIY bookmarks available on marketplaces like Etsy. 

Letters Embroidery Felt Bookmark          Hand painted Bookmark                      Handwoven bookmarks

Occasions: All business events, book clubs, conferences, seminars, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, school programs, class events, and other special events. etc.

Embroidered cards:

These days, handmade postcards are popular, you can add meaning just by touching the embroidery engraved on the card. Depending on the embroidery design you choose, a card can be suitable for any occasion. They add a special touch to any gift and the recipient will love these handmade cards.

Paper Embroidery Birthday Cards                                       Embroidery Greeting Cards, Hand Embroidered 

Occasions: can be gifted on any occasion.

String artworks:

String artworks are very unique & best if personalized and they can remind you of the special person who gave you the gift. Gift a piece of string art to your loved ones! 

Personalized woman string art portrait                                         Sapphire Mandala String art

Occasions: can be gifted on any occasion.

Personalized appliances case & cover:

We all have phones And so a personalized phone cover or a phone case can be a pleasant gift that will make them think about you every day. And it's a gift that will please the perfect gift for a lifetime phone case.

Handpainted iPhone covers                                                    Embroidered iPad case

Occasions: can be gifted on any occasion.

Hand-embroidered cloths:

In many cultures, embroidery is considered a means of self-expression. Embroidered gifts are great for special occasions, especially birthdays and Christmas. Among the many gifts big and small, you can find something to suit your recipient and budget.

Hand-embroidered shirt/ Customized Shirt                                      hand-embroidered pocket pants

Occasions: You can give it for any occasion, be it a birthday, wedding, or anniversary.

DIY Sleep Masks:

Sleep masks can really be a great gift idea for a friend who travels a lot. It will also allow you to personalize as you see fit and create the perfect eye mask for you or your friends.

 Plush fox handmade sleep mask                                          Handmade organic cotton eye mask, Lavender scented

Occasions: wedding party, bachelor party, or honeymoon.

Embroidered wallets:

An Embroidered wallet is a great gift idea for almost any occasion. In fact, they can be your gift for any occasion and given to anyone in your life. A wallet is ideal if you want to give a gift that a man uses often and will always have with him.

Custom Hand Embroidered Minimalist Wallet                        Embroidered handbag and wallet set

Occasions: A wallet is a perfect gift for any occasion.

Button Key Ring: Many independent artists are doing this art, If you're looking for a romantic gift, this keyring is perfect. It will be a wonderful gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, husband, or wife.

Button tier keyrings, rainbow, multicolored

Occasions: It goes well with Birthday or Anniversary or Valentine's Day or Mother's Day or Raki or Father's Day or Diwali etc.

Pop-up Card: Rather than some regular cards Pop-up cards can be an innovative gift concept because they convey a soft feeling in the most appropriate way and add an element of surprise through a pop-up.

Valentine Pop-Up Card                                                       Folded Card / 3D Card / Pop-up

Occasions: can be gifted on any occasion.

Homemade candles: DYI candles are much fun for themselves. You can experiment with different scents, herbs, and more when making your own candles. These are very good options to gift to someone whom you love.

manifestation candle magic gift                                    handmade tropical flower scented tealight set

Occasions: birthdays, Valentine's Day, and wedding anniversaries.

Wall art: Wall Painting becomes a permanent and permanent part of life, and its existence is a pleasure that never ceases. So, if you are looking for something that will forever remind your loved one of you and will retain its value for years to come, a painting is truly the perfect choice for a gift.

Decor, Modern wall art, Handmade                                              Metal and Wooden Wall Art, Wall Decor

Occasions: can be gifted on any occasion.

Handmade shaped rugs: Hand-tufted rugs are very unique home decor gift option. You can make any customized shape with tufting & Buying a handmade hand-tufted rug might not be easy on your pocket, but it's definitely worth it. 

 Custom Hand Tufted Soft Wavy Twisted Smiley             Snoopy Cartoon Tufting Rug

Occasions: can be gifted on any occasion.

Personalized tapestry:

Someone who loves to have personalized home decor items, a piece of tapestry would make a great gift. This testifies to the foresight, hard work, and talent of gift-giving.

Map Tapestry Organic Cotton Fabric Tapestry                    Henri Matisse Wall Art Fabric Tapestry

Occasions: can be gifted on any occasion.

Conclusion: A DIY gift is a thoughtful way to show your family and friends how much they mean to you. Every handmade gift is unique and custom-made, making it one of a kind. A handmade gift instead of a store-bought gift makes someone special & handmade items are expensive for a very important reason. It takes more time & effort to make them. Rather than buying usual gifts, buying handmade & personalized gifts are always a great choice. You may have seen many independent artists on Instagram doing small handmade gift businesses. You directly purchase from them or even you can get these gifts easily on Etsy. The best part about these gifts is you request personalization, which means you can request them to make changes according to your receiver's interest. We have covered most of these handmade gift ideas here but there could be more such products available in the market.


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