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Creating A Strong Brand Positioning In The Fashion Market

Apr 01, 2021 | Konark Ogra

Most keywords for searches on google are expensive and it's very challenging to outcompete big-box players on generic keywords. The most sustainable way for digital hacking for your brand would be:

Fig:1 Brand position gaps and opportunities

Identify and understand positioning and Gaps, build a comprehensive supply chain, and fill in the market needs.
Talk to the users and identify the tastes.
Be human and build your community and advocate sustainability.
Focus on storytelling and building relationships and customer experience.
Focus on matrixes, and make decisions based on big data.
Learn from competitors and be more adaptable.

During these times it is important to know your matrices, and, draw a baseline for exploring new ways of gauging success.

Table 1: Key matrixes for the fashion e commence brands

Benchmarking against competitors can help small fashion brands optimize strategies that can help brands in setting their prices and learning about trends.

Table 2: A comparison of various products categories for big-box players (Source: Omnilytics)

Smaller brands can focus on handmade techniques and work in close partnership with the community-based manufacturers to build a sustainable, cost-effective, design-oriented, and value-driven product.

To create these value-driven products, Key techniques for embellishment are embroidery, Applique, Embroidery, done either by or hand, Quilting, Patchwork, Trim (sewing), Lace, etc.

Key takeaways:

New brands could make better use of changing consumer behaviour optimize inventory management, use tech solutions, and create a strong brand positioning backed with market insights, new supply chain relationships and perform low-cost experiments to be more visible to the audience. 

Secondly, It's challenging to compete in the basics category with the big box players and therefore focus on gaps, especially in the medium to a high-end category, and build your storytelling capability for creating a commercially successful brand.

As consumers continue to look for quality, value, and brands that care about sustainability, small businesses need to make sure that they meet these dynamic needs.

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