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Best Interior Designs Companies In Jeddah And Riyadh

Apr 26, 2022 | Yasmine Al-Dawsary

Riyadh and Jeddah are two of the central regions in Saudi Arabia and are known for their beautiful modern architectural buildings. If you wonder how Riyadh and Jeddah architectural buildings looked in the past, I will give you an overview; Riyadh and Jeddah both had diversity in their traditional buildings.

Although they are in the same country, they have their styles depending on the circumstances. Riyadh with mud buildings and Jeddah with Mangabi stone buildings. And their traditional buildings are made from sustainable materials as I mentioned before (Mangabi stone and mud)  they are not harmful to our plants the pretty opposite they are part of it.


                                                                 Riyadh mud buildings

                                                        Jeddah Mangabi stone buildings

This blog is a simple overview of the evolution of urbanization and interior design in the cities of Riyadh and Jeddah historically. The evolution of sustainable urbanization and interior design has continued till the present day, and this is shown by including those cities for the best interior design companies. The best companies are the top companies that follow the criteria of sustainability or stewardship, recognition, effective communication, and client comments.

                                                                 Riyadh interior design companies                                                                          

                                                                 Cedrus International CI

 Cedrus International CI is a global company of interior architects, designers, strategists, and specialists. It is a British company, and its HQ is in London. It has partnerships in the Middle East; for example, in Saudi Arabia, CI is a Sama'a Al Tasmeem Riyadh Subsidiary. CI is a premium international brand specializing in interior design and fit-out contracting industry and corporate furniture supplies. Also, it is an excellent Architectural Consultancy and Project Management Brand. CI services are various, and it follows the evolution and the trend. It applies that in its unique way, such as 3D LED facades outdoor Screens, providing the best office furniture design and dedicated to the executive furniture." The merits that specialize CI are research and innovation, production flexibility, high technology, attention to detail, qualified services able to enhance the investment of users, reliability, and continuity, skill in woodworking and its products and services stand for functionality design eco-friendly and environmentally friendly materials. Hence, it follows the criteria of sustainability" (CI, n.d.). Cedrus International specializes in interiors through the lens of interior design; they focus on Full turnkey solutions. Now let us have a look at their unique projects.

One of their projects is called "The Role of Biophilic Interior Design in the Office Environment" for those who do not know the meaning of biophilic, it means a concept used within the building industry to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions. (Biophilic_design, n.d.) Researchers have found that more than 90% of people would imagine themselves in a natural setting when asked to think of a place where they felt relaxed and calm. 

                                                                      Biophilic Interior Design

                                                                     Biophilic Interior Design

                                                                      Biophilic Interior Design

Another project of CI projects is called "Acoustic Partitions for Office Design in Saudi Arabia" Acoustic Partitions are used to reduce background noise which, in turn, improves the acoustic comfort of any working environment and has higher productivity. With those Acoustic

In partitions, there will be less noise then, you can hear better, communicate better, and have a better focus on work. Applying this technique has succeeded and led CI to be

among the best interior design companies in Saudi Arabia. This technique has succeeded and led CI to be among the best interior design companies in Saudi Arabia.

                                                Acoustic Partitions for Office Design in Saudi Arabia

                      Acoustic Partitions for Office Design in Saudi Arabia

 CI company also has high ranking and good reviews and nice client comments, after successful experience Pencil Agency commented about CI " outstanding firm for branding, international standards services "

Pencil Agency is a Saudi agency brand consultancy, and if you were curious, this is what the interior design in this agency looks like.

                                                                             Pencil agency

                                                                        Pencil agency

 And this is another sportful comment "Excellent company to work with ,great and professional staff always willing to help I would recommend it 100%".

 If you are interested in this company and you want a way to contact it this is its email:

                                                               Saudi Design Interiors

Saudi Design interiors is an interior design company specializing in hospitality, offices, healthcare, design, supply, execution, and installation. Saudi Design interiors company depends on four key pillars, and they are considered a foundation in all interactions with clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. These pillars are 1-Innovation thought.2-Value added solutions.3-Seamless one-stop service .4-Creative design. And It has interesting values that it follows, which are six values

1-Quality of product and service.2-Leadership.3-Continuous growth.4-Integrity.5-Development process.6-Stewardship. Saudi Design Interiors takes stewardship as a value, and this a great thinking that our planet is one of its priorities; stewardship means the responsibility for environmental quality shared by all those whose actions affect the environment, and it can be reflected through the choices of individuals, companies, communities, and government organizations, and shaped by unique environmental, social, and economic interests. (University, n.d.)

Saudi Design Interiors has a lot of clients in Saudi Arabia and other countries like Turkey and Kuwait; as you see, this picture shows some of its clients.

 Now let us have a look at its projects. This project is for The General Authority of Civil Aviation of Saudi Arabia (GACA). As you see in the pictures, the design is so clean and elegant suits a governmental building, and most colors in this design are brown and grey. Sumptuous brown colors provide a luxurious, nurturing feel, emulating a sense of intimacy and creating a sanctuary. Here, brown color is used to highlight other stronger colors; Grey color is color represents elegance, so they have a perfect pairing in this design. Decorating the wall with these little golden birds is so creative and related to the place ( GACA)

                                                             The interior design of GACA

                                                          The interior design of GACA

                                                    The interior design of GACA

For more amazing projects, you can look at its profile. Clients also have good experience working with this company, and they have ranked it a high ranking.

To know more, you can reach out to Saudi Design Interiors company through its email

                                                                       D9 Design

D9 Design & Interiors is a company focused on architecture and interior design, including large-scale planning for furniture. D9 provides multiple services like transforming bland spaces into extraordinary environments(residential, commercial, and public spaces ), brainstorming sessions, feasibility studies, early sketches, blueprints, project planning, and on-site implementation. Its services include Architectural Design, Interior design, Landscape, Lighting, Site Supervision and Management, Maintenance, Client Representation, and D9 considers Feng Shui principles and sustainability through its services. It is rich in expertise and has talented and multiple experts architects.D9 is working depending on a set of values and considers them as the pillars of strength support which are: Transparency & Trust, Creativity & Craftsmanship, Commitment & Care, and Quality & Qualifications.

D9 Design has done many projects, including large residences, apartments, and commercial designs for retail boutiques and outlets in Jeddah, Riyadh, and abroad; let us look at some of its projects.

Here is one of its commercial designs. It is a meeting room with beautiful lighting, which is, in my opinion, the point of this design. Here, lighting helps to draw eyes to the particular area ( meeting table), and the visual illusion of space is used in this design in the right way by adding lighting and mirrors, making the space larger.

                                              D9 design of meeting a room project

D9 design is creative in both commercial and residential projects, but from my standpoint, D9 has more creativity in residential projects; I am sure you are going to agree with me after looking at them, so let me show you.

The first design of the bedroom is full of luxury and the choice of the shining lighting and the furniture match the luxurious feeling and make it stronger; the painting on the wall is a nice addition that gives soft touch to all of these luxurious items.

                                                      D9 design of bedroom project

The second design is for the living room. It has been designed by adding attractive paintings on the wall; the main colors of the design are black and yellow; as it is a living room adding yellow color gives a warm, happy and delightful feeling this affects positively, and the black color gives a smart and elegant touch and reduce the intensity of yellow.

                                                           D9 design of living room project

Finally, I will show you a project that I like the most since it has my favorite colors, blue and white; what makes it more beautiful is the unique design. Just imagine sitting on that sofa with a view of the green yard!

                                                            D9 design of blue white room

                                                   D9 design of blue white room

 If you want to know about D9 or you want to reach it this is its email .


                                             Jeddah interior design companies

Now let us move on to Jeddah; Jeddah has a lot of interior design companies. In this part, we are writing about the interior designers based on the criteria mentioned earlier.


 Axis interior is a Saudi company established in 2008; it specializes in design and engineering consultancy and construction. Axis is a part of Sabbagh Engineering Consultants and associates (SECA). Axis's services are interior design, build, management, architecture, interior engineering, technical support, and beatification(Furnishing, Graphic Design, and Art Pieces). In the commercial, sustainability, and holistic environments, Axis is a leading firm; it has values that are considered a foundation in its work: Honesty, Innovation, Environment, Efficiency, Integration, and Know-how.

After this simple introduction, it is time to talk about the projects. Axis's work includes retail, offices, public projects, hospitality, restaurants and cafes, healthcare, and education.

I found a difficulty in which project I should choose! Every single project of Axis project is awesome. Finally, I decided to talk about projects that touched me more than others.

 This is a design of MEEZ restaurant in Jeddah, and the design mimics the old Arabic street markets with a modern twist. The restaurant is designed to be open and attractive to customers; therefore, they can visually explore every restaurant's part. As it is Arabic style, hanging carpets are added here as repetitive and beautiful items and as they can be used for noise reduction and attractive features. Decorated shelves and matching wood brown and tiffany blue colors add fascinating beauty to the design.

                                                    MEEZ restaurant project

                                                               MEEZ restaurant project

                                                       MEEZ restaurant project

 Al Madinah School is an Educational project in Al Madinah city, and it is designed using Islamic style from the entrance to the common hall and the classrooms.

                                                               Al Madinah School project ْ

                                                             Al Madinah School project ْ

                                                    Al Madinah School project ْ

Finally, let us have a look to the Bridgestone showroom project that has  led to getting the Middle East and North Africa Interior Design Award of 2014

                                                  Bridgestone showroom project

                                                 Bridgestone showroom project

                                                Bridgestone showroom project 

One of Axis's clients commented, "I thank them for their reliability in financial dealings."

You can contact with Axis company through its email


BoConcept is a Danish company that was established in 1952. It is these days the world's most global furniture retailer with 300 stores in 64 countries; this is an awesome achievement! And it is obvious proof of BoConcept success. The company has various services such as furniture, accessories, lighting, and interior design collections. In BoConcept, you get your furniture and interior design service, two services at the same time with talented and global versatile experts .BoConcept is based in its work on the set of values: Develop yourself, reach the goal, value differences, embrace collaboration, initiate solutions, social and environmental responsibility. These values are BoConcept success factors that have led it to BoConcept today.

These are some designs of BoConcept in its showrooms in Saudi Arabia. As you see, each design has a sense of luxury. For the first design red color of the sofas give a feeling of warmth and since it might be red color is so bright and too much black color is used to cut little red undertones and adds a chic look. How about the second picture? The room is designed with light colors gradients with many dark colors, black and dark burgundy, to add an elegant sense, lighting and the painting on the wall complete the elegant set.

                                                                   BoConcept design

                                                           BoConcept design

BoConcept has a lot of good client comments; here are some of them:

" Wonderful customer service! Manar is a gem she is always welcoming, available to answer your questions and helpful in every way from selecting pieces, fixing dates for delivery and up to the items reaching your home! Great experience all throughout."

" Best thing about their modern designs is that they are customizable to your need/taste. The staff are knowledgeable and very helpful. Good prices for premium furniture. Only down side is the delivery time once you place an order. Takes 3-4 months for sofas to arrive."

" Pretty good but expensive, and I like some of the furniture and how they solve the problem for tiny spaces."

To know more about BoConcept you can reach it through its email


 INJ is a Saudi firm founded in 2009. It cares to create a strong harmony between architecture and people through architectural design by pursuing and supporting the nature of sustainability. It provides large-scale modern architectural design services and trendy interior design, including commercial to residential projects. INJ work is associated with rules of innovation and creativity, so, If you had a unique design, you are in the right place with INJ you wouldn't be able to find similar projects. For architectural design, INJ considers three factors: the tendency toward simplicity and the strength of unity and mass; it is working with the say "Simplicity is the dress of perfection."

Interior design in INJ represents corporate cultures, brand identities, and clients' visions.

INJ has various projects such as .hostelry, commercial, competition, culture, design, government, interior design, mixed us, local consultant, planning, public, research, housing, residential, and sport.

 This is one of the interior design INJ projects; it is a villa project for a private client in Jeddah.The villa has a modern style in design from the outside and for the inside of the villa color of Godzilla is so attractive, and it goes well with other colors in the design furniture in both living room and bedroom are well-chosen and designed and fill the space perfectly.

                                       INJ design for villa project

                                               INJ design for villa project

                                               INJ design for villa project

                                      INJ design for villa project

Finally, let us look at this dreamy unique design for the Architectural identity of the Jeddah Chamber–Commerce building. The way it is designed with this white color gives you the feeling that you are on the clouds or at the South Pole!

           INJ design for Architectural identity of Jeddah Chamber – Commerce building

 INJ design for Architectural identity of Jeddah Chamber – Commerce building

It has a lot of nice client comment these are two of them :

" Best architecture &interior office in Jeddah"

" Dealing more than elegant"

 If you interested you can reach it through these emails

 In conclusion, I hope you enjoy reading this blog and getting the information you need. Those six companies are the best for some reasons that I have mentioned, but still, there are more and more successful interior design companies in Saudi Arabia.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I hope you have a great experience with one of those companies or any Interior design company in Saudi Arabia one day.


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