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7 Ways To Build A Rewarding Presence On Social Media For Interior Designers

Sep 20, 2022 | Vidhi Sagar

  1. The video content takes over - how to benefit?

Here’s what is important - 82% of all consumer internet traffic is dedicated to watching videos. That is what we have landed at as of 2022 and it is only scaling up. In fact, studies show that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support (HubSpot, 2018). 

Well, the good news is that as an interior designer, it is only to your benefit! You just have to show off your work. Some quick ideas would be before and after videos, behind-the-scenes, chat with the team, inspiration for the projects, etc. Get as creative as possible!

  1. Pinterest- the hub of your target market

With around 433 million monthly active users and a good chunk of them who love interior design and decoration, here’s where your target audience is hanging out! 

People tend to turn towards Pinterest almost as a natural instinct now to find inspiration for home decor and ideas. Make sure you are in the game. Here are 5 tips to help your Pinterest grow as an interior designer:

  • Create Boards that are unique to your style and aesthetic 

  • Use the correct pin descriptions and headings since that is what drives the SEO in the absence of hashtags 

  • Use pin buttons on the website 

  • Use rich pins to deliver more content 

  • Consistency and patience are key

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/463353/pinterest-global-mau/ 

  1. Instagram is for an interior designer, if you know how to use it right 

With more than 1 billion active users every month, Instagram is aesthetically heavy, making it a perfect platform for interior designers. If you aren’t yet convinced to establish your presence here, consider the fact that it allows clutter-free advertising- it will lead you exactly to the people you want to hear you out.

  •  Instagram allows users to create highly targeted posts. While setting up the promotion of your ads, ensure niche factors like destination, etc. 

  • Use the right hashtags- this cannot be emphasized enough. If you are an interior designer, mention the styles (contemporary, modern, vintage, etc), be geographically specific and write everything that is relevant. Your hashtags should be a mix of niche and popular so you do not get lost in the ocean. 

  • The copy for Instagram should be short, specific and targeted, always. Source: https://www.hootsuite.com/pages/digital-trends-2021 

  1. The pro-business network of LinkedIn 

If you don’t see any worth in LinkedIn as an interior designer, you might have to rethink. 40% of B2B marketers surveyed indicated LinkedIn as the most effective channel for driving high-quality leads. It is a pool of professionals who could be your potential clients! Plus you get to see your competitors, their network and where you can possibly fit into the equation. It enables you to visualise your market like no other platform and see where the business potential lies- geographically, sector-wise or using some other parameters. 

  1. Do not imitate; define your brand and design aesthetic 

It is tempting to see your competitors and imitate the content that got them traction. While you can definitely replicate things that you feel will work in your favour, it is important to establish a distinct identity of your brand. Every designer has a different aesthetic, inspiration and interpretation. Be unafraid to display it. In fact, people are known to enjoy candid media. Let them know about your values, the unfinished projects, your processes, the mistakes and the groundwork that goes into what is finally presented before people’s eyes. That way you build trust put out more content and stay relevant while being consistent. 

  1. Reuse content- access multiple platforms 

Be smart enough to be able to present the same content in multiple ways on different platforms. The same subject matter could be an image, video, reel or blog post. This will minimize your time inputs. Learn how to play it smart- For video content, you can upload something on Instagram and post it on TikTok too while vice versa may not be possible. 

  1. Regular analysis = Regular growth 

It isn’t enough to just post content on various platforms and hope that the algorithm catches and understands you someday. You have to constantly study your audience and the way they are engaging with your media. 

Is it aligning with your strategy at that particular point in time?

What can you possibly change to redirect the kind of audience encountering your content?

These are some questions that you must ask yourself. It will help you understand where you are going wrong and where you must seek help. Out of the hundreds of hashtags and content buckets that are available to you, is a static gaining more traction or are people more interested in hearing about you? 

Keep these points in mind to reap the maximum benefits and Find your specific Return on Investment

Remember social media is very closely knitted to what your exact goals on the platform are. Once you have figured what it is that you want for a particular time period, calculate your RoI accordingly. 

  • Did I gain more followers? 

  • Did I generate content relevant enough to be saved and looked back at? 

  • Did I bring enough people back to the website?

Did my client count increase? 

These are some of the lines along which you could think to pick the right metrics for calculation out of the various social media metrics available to you (like reach, audience engagement, site traffic, leads generated, sign ups and conversions, revenue generated).

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