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5 New Trending Themes For The Spring 2022 Accessory Season Under Care Culture

Mar 20, 2022 | Namami Sharma

Key components of the themes are briefly mentioned in this blog

  • Gentle living: The Korean cultural concept of Jeong – which describes the art of building deep connections to people and places – defines this theme, which is also linked to the Living With Intent future drive, where products are designed to have a positive impact on mood and to support self-care rituals.

  • Hobbycore: Nostalgia, a collector's mindset, and outdoor recreations are combined to form this theme, highlighting how sports activities such as tennis and skateboarding, and hobbies including trainspotting and birdwatching, are becoming more inclusive for a broader demographic. 

  • Home-proud: With consumers spending more time at home and taking pride in their surroundings, the synergy between fashion and interiors offers new opportunities for range expansion and detail-driven design.

  • Nature commuter: With the notion of the home being reassessed for a post-pandemic lifestyle, new ways of living and working will fuel demand for flexible, multipurpose fashion. Consumers reroot or work from varying locations, including natural outdoor spaces. The focus is on functional designs, including comforting layers, practical and PFC-free weatherproof coatings, and easy-to-disassemble modular elements.

  • Character classics: Aligning with this season's Soulful Minimalism theme, longevity thinking is advanced as part of a circular design strategy for investment pieces. A pared-down approach to design is critical here, focusing on exciting and simplified forms – the Spanish label Loewe's Luna bag is a great example. Feature heels remain essential for footwear, as seen at CHATS by C.Dam, a Vietnamese fashion brand that fuses classic silhouettes with forward-thinking design. For jewelry, rework traditional pearl strands.


To summarise the outline of the trends floating across the world in 2022, majorly focus on making charming charms. As consumers continue to find pleasure in the familiar, focus on Adorn designs with nostalgic motifs that introduce transformative materials while focusing on digitally appealing euphoric colors. 

Enhance the investment qualities of core accessories with business-casual looks. Respond to the rise of mood-boosting design and the return of occasion styling. Add value to summer accessories with protective qualities. Introduce transformative materials redefine outdoor narratives while designing for modular lifestyles.

Last but not least, follow Rural Handmade for more intriguing details regarding fashion forecasts.    

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