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Why Should B2b Brands Care About Ux Design

Dec 21, 2021 | Hayat Ali

B2B business is about one business making a commercial transaction with another business.

Although the nature of this concept involves business or brands instead of individual users, B2b brand owners tend to forget the importance of User experience in B2b business, due to their assumption that they have nothing to do with individual users.

However, Let’s do not forget that B2B businesses are still operated by humans, there is an actual person sitting in front of a computer trying to figure out your website. As a brand, should you not be concerned about that person, his/ her experience and journey while interacting with your website?

A website that is developed without following the right user experience principle makes the website difficult to understand and access relevant content. Therefore, we need to consider Human computer interaction, User-Centered design, and user experience in B2B business. We need to understand and empathise with the user’s needs, goals, and pain-points in order to provide a satisfactory experience.

How to improve a B2B website from a UX point of view. 

  • treat your clients or target users as actual humans, not as a businesses

  • understand your users

  • chose minimalistic solutions in design as they save time and effort of busy stakeholders or business owners (users)

  • Think about the people who come to your website and what they need to get done. Identify those key tasks and think about how you can make the step-by-step process easy to navigate for the identified tasks.

  • In B2B websites, users always come to your website with specific goals in mind and they do not have a time to waste. if user encounter more barriers between they arrival on the website and until they complete their task, they are likely to stay on website to complete their

    task, to do another search or even do business with you

solution to improve your website user experience. 

Practice UX benchmarking research to understand how potential customers are interacting with the website in order to assess the overall performance of the website and the improvement. Benchmarking refers to evaluating a product or service's user experience by using metrics to measure its relative performance against a meaningful standard. Example is shown below.

Choosing what to measure and how to measure should be discussed with the product owner, since this practice is a long-term commitment and involves cost of the process, research tool availability and skill of the researchers involved.

Suitable methods for UX benchmarking 

  1. Quantitative usability testing - participants performing top tasks in a product metrics such as time on task, success rate and satisfaction is measured

  2. Surveys - users answer questions to report their behaviour, background, or options. task ease, satisfaction ratings metrics collected in the survey.

  3. Analytics- system-usage data such as abandonment rates




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