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Print on Demand And Tapping Human’s Capital For Creating Personalised Handmade Products

Oct 25, 2021 | Cameron Molyviatis

Finding a niche can be difficult when creating a business with handmade products. Too broad of an outreach can lead to the product being lost among a sea of similar products with no easy way of standing out. While too specific of a market can prove to be not only too small of an audience, but also not scalable. However, with some research into the individual artists creating the designs, there are factors that can assist in cornering a specific market, allowing for an audience to be built around it and the business to be grown.

When finding an artist, it is important that they have as much social media activity as possible.  This not only assists in audience growth, but it can provide a lot of information that can be used to optimise outreach and corner a more specific market.  The artist’s Redbubble page can also be an effective way for starting to corner an audience as it can provides a general theme of what they make as a well as a look into the type of merchandise that they are selling.  From here, there is usually at least one link that redirects to the seller’s social media.


Social media is a good way of finding an audience when it comes to followed pages and friends.  This is where many businesses and content creators find their first audience members.  When looking into their interests and followed pages, a clearer image of where the business can be taken becomes more apparent.  If the artist has a YouTube channel, it can be an effective method to view their uploaded videos, playlists and liked videos.  This can often be an extensive look into their interests, further assisting in designing a tailored product, as well as finding fans and like-minded artists from the comments section.



Looking at current trends is another effective way of gaining an audience.  Trending media gains a lot of attention on social media, where links and other information about it are shared.  From this information, an audience can be built, as well as finding out information about their other interests.    There are many different branches of media that can be looked at for ideas of the client’s products.  Streaming services like Netflix or Disney+ are a good example of this.  There is often a TV program that is talked about across all forms of social media, and if early enough, products based on them could be produced.  This is also the same case when it comes to Videogames because of streaming services such as Twitch and popular games that make the GOTY or Game of the Year title.



Since the artist knows their audience and the statistics of what sells best, their input is crucial when it comes to the design of the product.  After they are shown a product catalogue of potential items to create, their input can be used to better shape aspects of the design to better suit their audience.  A good way of doing this is to ask the artist to sketch their ideas for their product and to turn it into a mock-up in photoshop.  This allows for a more realistic example of the product and can help work out key details before the item is produced.  This is especially effective when design factors are influenced by an aspect of the fanbase only a fan would know.



There are several ways an audience can be brought to an artist.  From social media interaction to the artists interests in film and TV, there are numerous paths that can be taken to help shape and grow an audience.  It can often be effective for the audience to help shape the initial stages of the product, as the seller can determine the most popular and most profitable product in their catalogue.

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