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Internet For Creative Artisans In Rural Countries

Nov 24, 2021 | Angelo Echave

The digital technology known as the internet has been a staple for business development and improved competitive edge. However, this is only known to occur in developed countries like Japan and the United Kingdom. What about the smaller-scale businesses in developing countries like creative manufacturers of handmade products?

Let’s explore the many great things about the internet and the ways businesses of any size can use it. Ideas like digital marketing and the simple nature of access to more information.

Later on, we would like to share more about how Rural Handmade uses the internet to support these creative manufacturers, from the initial connection with the manufacturers to exposing their great handicraft to a wide audience.

    The Internet’s Greatness

When you think of the internet, what comes to mind?

Everyone will initially think of search engines like Google and Bing or maybe even think of communication services such as Facebook or LinkedIn or online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.

In short, it is all of these things and many more. The internet is a vast network that connects different users and expands the accessibility to more information. 

Let me give you an example. When you consider buying a new smartphone, which brand would come to your mind? There are many options now but iPhones and Samsung remain at the forefront of social trends. So the shopper can simply use the internet to access the information they need to make a decision on their purchase.

For the business world, information and connections are very important.

A retail shop selling clothes might want to check the current shopping trends of their target audience, catch their eye from other competitors and develop a loyal customer.

With better communication, ease of access to information and connectivity, everyone is capable of speaking and sharing with each other. However, not everyone uses the internet to the best of their ability. 

So what about the creative manufacturers in developing countries? We would love to share a bit about Rural Handmade and how we aim to create social impact with the internet.

    Using the internet as Rural Handmade

At Rural Handmade, we aim to connect these creative manufacturers with businesses of any size in developed countries. In a way, think of us as the Amazon or Alibaba but for the handicraft industry of developing countries.

An online service where we simply expose the great handicraft of creative manufacturers to a wider audience. As for the business clients, they are given an alternate solution to improve themselves through a cheaper supply or assisting them through the achievements of the United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Let us share our part in exposing the creative manufacturers to a wider audience.

    Connecting with Creative Manufacturers

There is one thing that we need to make known about these creative manufacturers in developing countries. They use the internet; not through usual means like a computer but with their mobile phones.

To be more precise, they would connect to their local community through personal means like Facebook and Whatsapp. For these handcrafters, they are very personal with their connections and quite small with their scalability of clients.

For Rural Handmade, we created our way to connect with these creative manufacturers in their choice of communication; Whatsapp. By reaching out on their own personal phones, we are able to be direct with each other and build trust about where we both aim to achieve.

As we have mentioned, Rural Handmade is a service to showcase the great handicrafts of these creative manufacturers. With our WhatsApp bot, we have simplified the process for these creative manufacturers to display their craft on our website.

After displaying their great crafts on our website, what is the next step? For us, we look for the right clients to help these creative manufacturers.

    Connecting with organizations

With photos of these great handicrafts on our website, we look for potential clients that can create an impact with these handmade products. Our job is to find the right people and the best way to do it is by using the internet.

LinkedIn, blogs and emails. The bases of digital marketing. 

For businesses of any size, they may come across concepts like social corporate responsibility(SCR) or the United Nations’ sustainable development goals(SDGs). Businesses can use these ideas as a basis for building their brand image and grabbing their customer’s attention. 

For Rural Handmade, we look to handmade products as the future of building environmental, social and economic impact. For instance, but not limited to, we talk with organizations like charities, retailers, interior designers and entrepreneurs. 

These handicrafts can be the new symbol for creating the new social trend to reduce CO2 admissions from factories producing similar products. Maybe creative manufacturers of developing countries could be a cheaper alternative to supply business operations.

With handicrafts, it can be very limitless if we look for the potential impact organizations could benefit from. At the very least, one known impact is helping these creative manufacturers find more work and giving them the recognition they deserve for their hard work.


So what does the internet mean for everyone and especially the creative manufacturers of developing countries?

In short, the internet is here to help everyone.

With so much information and capability to communicate, these creative manufacturers and expand their scope from their local market to a global audience. They have a lot of potential with the help of the internet and Rural Handmade is here to give them that support.

By being the marketplace between creative manufacturers and businesses from developed countries, we aim to create a decentralized system between these two market agents. We want to match the right client request with a creative manufacturer that can fulfil that request.

Rural Handmade aims to build the social impacts that handicrafts and creative manufacturers can produce and it will begin with the help of the internet. 

If you would like to hear more about handicrafters in developing countries or hear more about our operations, come visit our website and have a chat with us. 

Contact us at

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter and whether you wish to support these handcrafters in developing countries.

Let’s work together and bring a social change for creative manufacturers and businesses alike. 

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