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Direct Mail Promotional Gifts Ideas for Small Businesses

Apr 01, 2021 | Konark Ogra

Direct mail is a form of marketing that involves sending a physical piece of promotional material through the mail. Most consumers have a strong empathy with small local businesses and beyond restaurants and local estate agents the untapped power of physical mails isn’t tapped by small businesses, which still remains a less competitive space to resonate with local buyers. It is all the communications that your business may send to your customers like promotional mailers, advertising campaigns, transactional mail, or catalogs and brochures.

A physical product helps with three things 

Increases user engagement 

Enhances emotional intensity 

Long term memory encoding

The key strategy is 

Make the offer clear... 

Plan fulfillment. ... 

Measure results…

1. Draw up a list of your target audience

2. Create a professional design for your marketing mail. 

3. Give your audience something- Physical – we have a list in the blog 

4. Choose the best medium for your message. 

5. Shop around for a good printer/ service provider

6. Test the water and run A/B split test to learn and repeat 

7. Don’t forget to follow up with your fans

Finally, Make your buyers your fans with simple products! 

Mail is a valuable tool for digital marketers. It has shown its value in driving online traffic, with a 70% YOY increase1. 

Engagement with mail is higher than ever at 96%*. 

Fig 1: Royal Mail Research Mail Is Remembered 80% More

* JICMAIL, Q2 2018 – Q2 2020 2 Royal Mail Market Reach, Coronavirus Research, Trinity McQueen 2020

Fig 2: Price Comparison For The Postcard (

Below is a list of Gifts that will cost < £3 and still get in a letter.

1.Handwoven Crotchet/ wooden coasters: Easy and memorable gifts for the Kitchen.

2.Handmade paper planner and Pen: Never go out of style are these everyday planners and sustainable pens.

3.Bookmark: for a book connoisseur, this is the perfect gift that can never go wrong.

4. Jewellery: Nothing can beat a simple set of handmade jewelry sets.

5. A Recipe Card With Spices: If You Run A Kitchen, Nothing Can Beat A Simple Recipe Book With Sample Set Of Spices.

6. A tea bag, or a sachet of hot chocolate: Loose teas with a specific recipe of flavors.

7. An unframed print: Try and be in sync with the new trends

8. A bunch of dried flowers: Sustainable way to express the love of nature and appreciation.

9. A packet of seeds: cultivating the soil for planting, bring us closer to nature.

10. Homemade chocolate: the all-time popular gift method

11. Handmade scarf / Utility products: fashionable accessories for all

12. A pair of Socks: With your logo on top, this will make a lasting impression on the users and help them remember your brand

13. Baby Bibs / Crotchet products:  A perfect gift for a newborn.

14. Silk Eye masks: Silk is antimicrobial and the signature of luxury.

15. Recycled Leather wallet for men: Recycled leather accessories for special clients.

16. Keychain holder: Keychain holders with the names of your loved ones.

17. Handmade kids doll and accessories: Handmade and sustainable alternative for kids.

18. Drawstring bags: A Perfect gift for your office staff.

19. Jute bag: Never goes out of fashion are these multipurpose jute bags

20. Handmade candle tubes: Handmade votive candles for the home.

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