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A Closer Look At Care Culture

Apr 20, 2022 | Namami Sharma

Discover the Upcoming Trend Care Culture What is Care Culture? Self Care is not the only care that embraces the rise of flexible lifestyles and a reprioritization of the community over competition. Care culture is the art of designing that is more reassuring and affirming, influenced by outdoor pursuits, nature-focused hobbies, and classic styles with long-lasting appeal. It is all about designing with love and for the world's greater good. It embraces sentimental themes of domestic craft and rural romance, rooted in the appeal of the home, community, and the environment.

What is Care Culture Influenced By?

Nature and the metaverse are intertwined in the future, which eventually fuses digital and physical aesthetics to create otherworldly designs. While looking into twilight gardens, digital daydreams, underwater worlds, and barren desert scapes for inspiration.

Consumers spend more time at home taking pride in their surroundings. The synergy between fashion and interiors offers new opportunities for range expansion and detail-driven design.

Multifunctional and comforting designs come to the fore in Care Culture, driven by the rise of flexible and migratory lifestyles and the appeal of homely comforts, outdoor pursuits, and classic styles. 

Highlighting Care Culture Forecast

In upcoming years, this great reorientation will fuel the demand for flexible, multipurpose, and 'go anywhere' products made for – or inspired by – nomadic lifestyles, both traditional and contemporary. Home will also remain important as sentiment and a place, with designs and experiences that can recreate familiar comforts in any setting. Healing and haptic materials, mood-boosting colours, and earthy textures will connect us back to nature, and previously marginalized voices and old traditions will be raised with respect and a recognition that there is unity and strength in diversity.

Meaningful, nurturing, and thoughtful design is at the heart of our Care Culture forecast, driven by the appeal of home, nature, community, and imperfect aesthetics.

Caring Textiles

Care Culture champions designs for a world with a reprioritizing connection over the competition. For textiles, explore comfort-led fabrics, crafted techniques, cozy outdoor solutions, and homebody essentials for nesting in.

  • Create meaningful looks that care for the planet

Invest in well-made basics created with certified fibre options such as bast fibres, cotton, eucalyptus, or sisal. Plain items are far from mundane, so market core ranges as durable options, highlighting relevant regenerative agriculture processes or Fairtrade farming initiatives.

  • Invest in cozy accessories

Buy into #SupersizedInteriors via new shapes of poufs, floor cushions, and upscaled pillows that users can nest in around the home. Appeal to the mass market by showing how consumers can style these products in different spaces to promote their added value and versatility.

  • Develop textile narratives that invest in provenance, craft, and tradition

Create unique textile homewares via fair, equitable partnerships with craftspeople and artisans, and use these to promote local techniques and skills. Communicate the craft history of the region and its makers to form a deeper connection with the Care Culture consumer.

  • Expand into trans-seasonal ranges

Carry the comfort of being indoors to outdoor spaces via performance fabrics that are durable and also cozy. Consider consumers on the move and seeking dynamic home-comfort textiles they can carry during stays or road trips: throws and travel cushions are key.

Care Colour Palette

Using the wellness-driven tones of the Care Culture palette to rejuvenate surface decoration. Tactile neutrals, such as Chalk and Black, help define minimal, collaged, and handcrafted artwork.

Create a strongly autumnal narrative using Carambola, Apricot Crush, and Sepia to build warming feel to your range. Tranquil Blue, Lazuli Blue, and Mindful Mauve make for complementary hues to build contrast while giving the overall aesthetic a calming mood.

Prints to Look Forward to: 

  • Craft and Collaboration: Establish partnerships with craft communities and artisans to support heritage arts while creating authentic storytelling and original surface decoration.

  • Considered Compositions: Compose organic and fluid shapes in large-scale prints using a homely palette that feels welcoming.

  • Tactile Repeats: Bring tessellated geometrics to life using raised and 3D surface intervention to update utilitarian ranges.

  • Chintzcore: Evolve cottage core directions with a focus on handcrafted and considered mini floral motifs.

  • Botanical Studies: Celebrate the beauties found in nature with flora and fauna in stylized artwork and repeats.

  • Calming Camo: Update traditional camouflage prints with a more textural rendition of worn shapes coloured in soothing pastels that evoke a softness.

  • Minimal and Granular: Small pixelated and freckled designs are the perfect amount of decoration for a soulful minimalist look.

Materials To Use Under Care Culture

Explore comforting, nostalgia-driven fabrics using certified fibres and yarns for soft accessories. These can be used to develop matching cushions, throws, or rugs, including modular blankets that can be worn around or used to decorate the home. Use this as an opportunity to maximize material investment and reduce waste, following the lead of London-based Cawley, which creates apparel, bags, and home accessories from the same materials.

In conclusion,

Redefine narratives outdoors - As the relationship between fashion and outdoor lifestyles continues to grow, focus on functional development to encourage consumers to connect through nature and spaces. Design for modular lifestyles and Look #BeyondFashion expand comfort-driven design as people become more mobile and attune to new nomadic lifestyles. Make sure your focus is on an elevated modular design.

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