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7 Top Sustainable And Handmade Pet Accessories To Source For Your Shop

Nov 02, 2021 | Tom Golden

As we approach the end of the year and head into the colder months, pet owners will start to spend more time inside with their pets. But what pet accessories can you consider stocking up on for the coming winter months? Here are a few top sustainable and handmade pet products for you to consider:

  1. Pet Chew Toys Leather Shoe Shaped Fun Interactive Pet toy

One of the items to consider is this leather shoe shaped pet toy. 

Pet owners would know that dogs love chewing things and tend to chew almost everything that they see including their owners’ shoes! This handmade leather shoe could be used as an alternative to be devoured by your customers’ dog!  This would keep them entertained for hours and tire them out which means less time walking them out in the cold!

What’s great is that these have been made with quality leather and wool which make them irresistibly soft for pets!

  1. Pet Cat Rope Chew Toy

 Cats love to scratch their claws on fancy furniture all the time, this can often damage chairs, sofas and many other things. So wouldn’t it be better if they had something designed to keep their attention and scratch on something else? This is a multi-function product made of cotton seeds which can be used as a chew/scratch toy for themselves or for their owners to play with them. 

This is for pet owners who have cats who love to play or if they aren't around to play with them, this will keep them happy and interested.

  1.  Chew Toy for Dogs/Durable Pet Toy

The interweaving of the handle really gives the dog something to chew on, like floss for a human. This combination of elements gives this chew toy a unique selling point for you. In short you need this leather made accessory. 

4. Leather Dog Collar 

Christmas is coming up and jewellery is always the right option for those buyers struggling to pick what they want to give their life partner and what better to buy then a new fancy collar made of good quality leather and brass! 

5. Leather Dog Collar and Leather Dog Harness

These two accessories for dogs would be great products to sell as one combined outfit to dog owners. Both are made of leather with shiny spikes coming out of both items of clothing. Making any Dog look like an awesome canine. Excellent conversation piece. 

6. Rope Tug Dog Toy

The rope fibres are designed to floss the dog's teeth during a fierce tug of war battle. So, this would be a good partner with other dog dental products in your store. The bright colours and human-like figure of this design makes it perfect for entertaining dogs and perfect to sell to customers with high energy dogs!

7.  Strong Soft Dog Slip Leash 


These cotton rope dog leashes are made of tightly woven cotton webbing, chemical-free hand-dyed and spliced using traditional methods. All dog leads have extra soft handle, rugged metal hardware including a rugged brass, 360-degree swivel snap hook and an O-ring for hanging accessories such as dog poop bags, which is all done by hand.


It includes a solid brass hook which is 3/8" wide with 5 feet of rope leash which is easy to grip while being extra soft and comfortable. The leashes are made of natural fibre which minimize the possibility of rope burns. 


These leashes come with an O-ring for hanging a variety of items such as poop bags, key chains, ID tags, dog bowls, or flashlights. Anything you could want on it can be put on it. And the leash can be hung by the O-ring when not in use. 


Overall, they are a great product to have in your store!



These high quality, handmade products would be perfect for any shop considering stocking pet accessories as they are all sustainably sourced and reasonably priced.

You can find more accessories to get inspired on our page here

If you are considering designing your own items, then contact us here and we can help you do that!

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