Home Decor

Bring positivity at home with the most innovative, cost-effective handmade products. Every article brings with it the story of dedication put in by the artisan.

Health and well-being

With the century-old technique of well-being, we blend yoga, aromatherapy and contemporary products for your lifestyle. We are here to help you get better both mentally and physically.

Basket and Storage

Best way to contribute to the environment is get rid of plastic. We have bespoke bins for clothing and storage and other essentials made of water hyacinth, leather and Kauna, each product is meticulously handcrafted by local artisan groups.

Office Space

Bring a positive outlook to your office with a new set of handmade wooden products, comtemporary leather bags and metal-artware products, customised for every office and occasion.

Corporate gifting


Relive the kitchen experience with unconventional kitchenware like chopping boards, cheese boards, ham-holder, leather apron etc.


With the help of the designer, engineers we have recreated products with a blend of story, science and trendy designs. We guarantee you more stories per product. Some of the products include whiskey stones, wood gift items, metal articles.

Men grooming


All of us love outdoors, we are here to help you customise needs for outdoor activities.