About Us


We are a team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs based out of London and Vancouver who have a deep understanding of the system, its inefficiencies and how to provide maximum benefits to the artisans. We want to create value not just products for our customers.

Improve interaction between manufacturer and use analytics to understand current demand customer needs, at the same time focus on the well-being of the artisans. Generate awareness about self-sustainability etc.

Introducing Rural Handmade

Introducing Rural Handmade
  •   Sustainability: Low/Zero carbon footprint, long-lasting products, using natural resources responsibly without releasing harmful substances to the environment.
  •   Shared prosperity: Income generation, consistent employment, skill development, empower the maker, greater social economic impact.
  •   Market knowledge and forecasting: Deep know-how in data analytics, key buying behaviors, understanding of market dynamics, use of AI and big-data
  •   Quick turnaround from idea inception to market: Fast response to market forecast, responsive and lean supply chain and artisan force, speedy logistics and distribution
  •   Re-inventing fair trade: Radically changing the existing fair trade practices for greater impact by creating innovative partnerships whose impact can be measured against fair trade’s principles.
  •   Improve manufacturing efficiency and safety: Share technology know-how and safety principles with artisans
  •   Design excellence: Beyond products that satisfy consumer senses, we incorporate scientifically driven considerations on performance and quality. We integrate data, design and development.
  •   Global Platform: Connecting rural artisans with worldwide consumer markets, moving away from mass-handmade production to meaningful and valued artisanal production (putting love back into handmade).

The big problem ?


Prosperous 1.2 Billion Consumer base

People want to buy sustainable, high quality, ethically sourced, trendy and affordable products


300 million artisans globally

Rural artisans/craftsperson are skilled but aren’t in sync with consumer market, lack innovation and can’t reach the global market

Reinventing Fairtrade


Handmade is Love

Shared Prosperity

Why We Buy

Why We Buy

Handmade products provide economic, environmental, social, political and even spiritual satisfaction

* Inspired from Maslows Triangle of Need, Bain and company chart

Why Rural Handmade ?

No one should be at a disadvantage because of who they are, where they are born as long as the are Skilled. Rural Handmade envisions to reduce the inequality associated in the Handmade space.

Why HireHand

Remove Hassle

Fill Gaps in your rota - even lastminuts shifts - with experienced hospitality specialists.

Save Time

No time wasted on unnecessary tria; shifts and more time spent on growing your business.

Keep Staff Longer

Invest more in core team members and reduce their churn by 50%

Reduce Costs

Save 15% of staffing spend by eliminating unnecssary expenses and right-sizing rota.

How it Works ?

Build up pool of regulars

Hands that know your business and relieve the pressure on your team

Select skills and times needed

Full range of front & back of house skills and easy repeat booking.

Advanced matching

Our algorithm learns from each shift to consistently deliver great matches.

Job done

Hand is punctual professional & positive.

Rate & review

We constantly update your pool of regulars with the hands you like best.

Market Validation, Opportunity and Why Now ?